News Release

Southeastern providing training for Colombian professors

Contact: Rene Abadie


     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University is providing a week-long educational program on distance learning and virtual education for 26 instructors and professors from Universidad Libre of Bogata Columbia.
     The program, which concludes Friday (June 25), is sponsored by Southeastern’s Hispanic Business and Leadership Institute, a unit of the College of Business.
 Aristides Baraya, director of the initiative and coordinator of the program, said the Colombia institution is looking to enhance its educational programs offered via the Internet and other distance technologies. The participants include instructors from various departments at the Universidad Libre, including education, business, science and technology.
     For years Southeastern has maintained an extensive distance education program offered primarily through the Internet and using Blackboard as an interface between instructors and students. The visiting delegation will receive an introduction into new perspectives in virtual education, as well as training in using the Blackboard system.
     In welcoming the group to campus on Monday, Southeastern President John L. Crain emphasized the strong relationship the university has developed over the last 10 years with numerous Latin American governments, agencies, private enterprises and educational institutions.
     Universidad Libre is a private, co-educational institution located primarily in Bogata with branches in other regions of Colombia. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the areas of arts and humanities, business and social sciences, engineering, science and technology. 

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