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Alex Rogers

Southeastern student authors book on teen issues

Contact: Rene Abadie


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     HAMMOND - Like many teens, Alex Rogers endured some painful struggles and difficulties in his high school years. Now the Southeastern student is hoping to use those experiences to inspire other young people who may be facing similar problems.
     The junior business administration major from Marrero has put his thoughts into a book, “I’m Only Human After All,” which tackles important issues many young adults confront:  problems such as bullying, growing pains, sibling rivalry, and even the death of a close friend.
      “I want others to be empowered,” said Rogers. “I want them to be able to read this book and take from it something that can help them with struggles in their own lives.”
Rogers uses real-life situations to connect with his audience. He recalled a bullying experience he had with some classmates in high school.
      “A number of times I was bullied when several of my classmates teased me about a weight issue I had,” said Rogers. “Basically, they were making glaring comments at every given opportunity they could and taking pleasure in my pain.”
     Rogers wrote the book as a first installment in what he envisions as an “empowerment series.” The book is self-published through CreateSpace, a company owned by Amazon that gives authors the option to publish works through the website.   He also got professional advice from several freelance editors who reviewed and examined the book for its style and content.
      “The narrator is a teen going through trouble with bullying and other matters of ‘fitting in’ at his school,” says one of the editors who reviewed Rogers’ work. “The perspective and the thought he gives these matters make this a worthwhile read, especially since ‘bullying’ is such a hot topic these days. That makes this work relevant and interesting to other teens.”
     Rogers explained that the second book will cover his later high school years, and the third will address issues he has faced in college.
      “The next book is more about becoming an adult, about finding my own identity, what fits and what doesn’t fit,” he said. “College will be broader and cover more of the social issues, such as race, stereotypes and gender differences.”
     Rogers is hoping that others will be inspired by his work.
      “I think as the reader you are able to sympathize with Alex as he is ostracized by his peers,” said Ariel Leary, a housing coordinator at Southeastern. “The story is very relatable. I can honestly say I learned a number of life lessons that can be applied to my own adult life, as well as some knowledge I wish I had had going through school.”
     More information about the book and the empowerment series can be found on Rogers’ Facebook page “I’m Only Human After All.” The book can be purchased online through in both paperback and Kindle and through Barnes & Noble in paperback and Nook.

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