Mt. Carmel Academy, Northlake Christian win annual Southeastern Foreign Language Festival

Contact: Tonya Lowentritt
Date: 4/5/12

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1)Winners from Chapelle High School 2)Winners from John Ehret High School3Winners from St. Paul's School

4)Winners from De La Salle High School5)Winners from Mt. Carmel Academy6Winners from Mt. Carmel Academy



     HAMMOND – Mount Carmel Academy of New Orleans and Northlake Christian School took top honors at the 30th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27.

     The festival drew 12 schools from surrounding parishes to compete in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

     Mount Carmel took top honors in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students, while Northlake Christian in Covington garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with fewer than 600 students.

     BestSchoolin Spanish was St. Paul’s School in Covington, while Best School in French was Mount Carmel Academy.

     In the French music category, winners were Mount. Carmel, first; De La Salle High School of New Orleans, second; and St. Scholastica Academy of Covington, third. In the French play category, John Ehret High School of Marrero was first, Mount Carmel, second; and St. Scholastica, third.

     Spanish music winners were Academy of Our Lady in Marrero, first; Ponchatoula High School, second; and Archbishop Chapelle High School of Metairie, third. In the Spanish play category, Mount Carmel was first; St. Scholastica, second; and John Ehret High School, third.

     Three students received special festival awards. Hugo Garza of De La Salle and Jordan Sprink of John Ehret received the Wallonie-Bruxelles International Scholarship, a summer study abroad scholarship presented by the French community of Belgium. Andrew Mullet of St. Paul’s was awarded a Mexican cruise leaving from New Orleans.

     An additional study abroad scholarship in Belgium was added this year for a teacher from one of the participating schools. William Gautreaux, a teacher at John Ehret, was this year’s recipient.

     Individual winners, listed by parish, were:



     Academy of Our Lady – Christian Gros, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, first; Brandi Mavromatis, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, third.

     Archbishop Chapelle High School – Angela Lehrmann, French Prose III, first; Dalhia Chokr, French Poetry III, first; Shelby Adams, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Rina Badr, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; Kathryn Bancroft, French Prose I, second; Tala Maalouli, French Poetry II, second; Isabelle Adoue, French Prose II, third; Samantha Brouillette, French Poetry I, third; Rosella Ampuero, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, first; Genesis Mata, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, second.       

     John Ehret High School – Skye Bocage, French Poetry II, first; Lisandra Pereira, French Poetry IV, first; Elizabeth Rea, French Prose II, second; Radayna Thabata, French Prose III, second; Kaci Brathbury, French Prose IV, second; Durance Taylor, French Poetry III, second; Daija Collins, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; James Harney, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, second; Jordan Spinks, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, second; Daniel Torres, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Canese Johnson, Spanish Prose IV, third.



     De La Salle High School – Hugo Garza, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, first; Dominick Bioc, French Prose III, third; Charlotte Chesters, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, third; Gregory Jacob, Spanish Prose IV, second; Vidal Villela, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, second.

     International School of New Orleans – Yolanda Andrade, French Poetry I, second place; Bianchi Hughes, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third; Katherine Valdatta, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, second; Beatriz Polanco, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, second; Joshua Young, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, second; Miguel Alfaro, Spanish Poetry IV, third.

     Mt. Carmel Academy – Jessica Smith, French Prose I, first; Alexia Tadros, French Prose II, first; Kirsten Sahuque, French Prose IV, first; Madeleine Naquin, French Poetry I, first; Danielle Maurer, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Rhea Morell, French Poetry IV, second; Gabrielle Falgoust, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, second; Kelly Lewis, French Poetry II, third; Emily Tagesen, French Poetry III, third; Virginia Falgoust, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, third; Cecilia Vasquez, Spanish Prose IV, first; Daniela Ochoa, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker, first; Sarah Laiche, Spanish Prose III, second; Laurel Giacone, Spanish Poetry I, second; Erin Holahan, Spanish Poetry IV, second; Emilia Duncan, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; Paige Frankiewicz, Spanish Prose I, third; Maria Ciaccio, Spanish Prose II, third; Catherin Pellerin, Spanish Poetry II, third; Megan Mehaffey, Spanish Poetry III, third; Hannah Dheming, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Jasmine Jones, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, third; Caitlin Demarest, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third.



     Northlake Christian School – Andrew Binder, Spanish Prose I, first; Gabrielle Soong, Spanish Prose II, first; Miguel Black, Spanish Poetry I, first; Isabel Kazan, Spanish Poetry II, first; Armani Porter, Spanish Prose III, second; Cecilia Mula, Spanish Prose III, third; Warren Davie, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, second.

     Pope John Paul II High School – Sarah Rowland, French Poetry IV, third; Christopher Goodnow, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, third.

     St. Paul’s School – Peter Yager, Spanish Prose III, first; Michael Stewart, Spanish Poetry III, first; Tren Povey, Spanish Poetry IV, first; Eric Carrera, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Max Gold, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; John Farr, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Andrew Mullet, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, first; Luke Avenel, Spanish Prose I, second; Connor Lu, Spanish Prose II, second; Hunter Simonson, Spanish Poetry II, second; Chris Barnett, Spanish Poetry I, third; Steven Arias, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker, third.

     St. Scholastica Academy – Reann Boyton, French Prose I, third; Isabel Cano, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, third.



1) JEFFERSON PARISH WINNERS – Students from Archbishop Chapelle High School were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27. From left are Shelby Adams, Tala Maalouli, Dalhia Chokr, Rina Badr, Kathryn Bancroft, Genesis Mata, and Angela Lehrmann.


2) JEFFERSON PARISH WINNERS – Students from John Ehret High School were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27. Front row, from left, are Elizabeth Perrin, Thanh Mai, Kaci Brathbury, Radayna Thabata, Kim Truong, Jordan Spinks, Ricky Tran, Daija Collins, and Lisandra Pereira. Back row, from left, are Skye Bocage, Osaze Lamb, Elizabeth Rea, Durance Taylor, Christian Gross, and James Harney.


3) ST. TAMMANY PARISH WINNERS – Students from St. Paul’s School were among the winners at the March 27 Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University. From left, kneeling, are Eric Carrera, Luke Avenel, and Hunter Simonson. Second row, from left, are Tren Povey, Max Gold, Peter Yager, and Connor Lu. Back row, from left, are Andrew Mullet, Michael Stewart, and Josh Farr.


4) ORLEANS PARISH WINNERS – Students from De La Salle High School were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University on March 27. From left are Hugo Garza, Alexis Aiken, Gregory Jacob III, and Vidal Villela.


5) ORLEANS PARISH WINNERS – Students from Mt. Carmel Academy were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27. From left, front, are Danielle Maurer, Virginia Falgoust, Megan Glahn, Gabrielle Roe, and Michelle Sentilles. Middle row, from left, Jessica Smith, Sarah Laiche, Theresa Massony, Rachel Helm, Leslie LaCoste, Laurel Giacone, Alexis Rebennack, and Cecilia Vasquez. Back row, from left, Alexia Tadros, Daniela Ochoa, Emilia Duncan, Kirsten Sahuque, Heather Underwood, Calah Cabellero, Zoe Perret, Mallory Kiefer, Nicole Poissenot, and Ashley Trosclair.


6) ORLEANS PARISH WINNERS – Students from Mt. Carmel Academy were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27. From left, front, are Abigayle Rhode-Pausina, Erin Holahan, and Gabrielle King. Back row, from left, are Christine Walsh, Quinci Lonzo, Rhea Morell, and Caroline Wiewiorowski.


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