Southeastern author pens second novel

Contact: Rene AbadiDavid Armande
Date: December 12, 2012

      HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University English Instructor David Armand has written his second novel, "Harlow," to be published next year by the Texas Review Press.

     "Harlow" tells the story of 18-year-old Leslie Somers, who trudges through Louisiana in search of his father, a man he has never met. As he makes his way through the backwoods, his thoughts turn to other men in his life: those who taught him the skills of hunting and fishing and others who mistreated him.

     Somers anticipates and hopes his father, Harlow, will be better than the other men. When the two finally meet, Harlow is not the man Somers expected. Ultimately the two end up on a crash course toward destruction, crime and twisted relationships that leaves one of them dead and the other a hardly recognizable version of his former self.

     Armand's first novel, "The Pugilist's Wife," was also published by Texas Review Press, a member of the Texas A&M University Press Consortium. That work was recognized by the publisher with the George Garrett Fiction Prize, named after the late poet laureate of Virginia.

     A native of Folsom and resident of Hammond, Armand also serves as assistant editor of "Louisiana Literature," the university's nationally recognized literary journal. He received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from Southeastern.

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