Southeastern international student receives national scholarship

Contact: Tonya Lowentritt
Date: August 27, 2013 Priyanka Singh


     HAMMOND – Priyanka Singh, a Southeastern Louisiana University international student from Nepal, has been awarded a scholarship for an essay contest she won with International Student Voice (ISV) Magazine.
     An orientation leader who guides new students coming to Southeastern, Singh won the $750 scholarship for her essay entry about international student challenges. It is the only such scholarship offered by the publication.
     "This was probably one of the most back-and-forth discussions we've had on awarding a scholarship," said ISV Magazine Editor in Chief Carrie Circosta. "All of the essays were spectacular and really captured the challenges students face while in the United States. But we selected Priyanka because she really showed us the journey of her challenges from beginning to end, before she left home to the point where she is now as a confident international student helping others."
     Singh said she was able to overcome her challenges as an international student by becoming an orientation leader at Southeastern.
     "Throughout the training to become an orientation leader, I was very quiet and socially awkward," Singh recalled. "Six months and seven orientations later, I was not only confident and fun, but a wiser and better human being as well."
     One of Singh's current goals is to help international students gain confindence and not let some negative experiences make them lose their self-worth and dignity.
     "This is a slight reflection of what I aspire to do after I graduate," she said. "I am a sociology major, and my long-term goal is to help create opportunities for people who are not as fortunate as I am. I am working toward graduating college with an honors degree and a 4.0 GPA."
     After graduation Singh wants to attend graduate school to become more specialized in her field. She then wants to go to developing countries to work with a United Nations organization and provide people with resources and opportunities that she believes every human being should receive.
     "I already have worked with numerous campaigns for different causes in Nepal, and I want to continue doing that," she said. "I believe that I have to stand for the cause if I expect to see any betterment. I cannot just sit and hope for someone else to make things better. One step can make a huge difference, and, for me, I have to take that step."
     Southeastern has over 230 international students enrolled, with more than 100 coming from Nepal.




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