Mt. Carmel Academy, Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts win annual Southeastern Foreign Language Festival

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
by: Rene Abadie

1)Natchitoches Parish winners2)Orleans Parish winners3)St. Tammany Parish winners


1) NATCHITOCHES PARISH WINNERS – Students from The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University in April. Pictured are, from left: Madelynne Fontenot, Heather Soileau, Parker Felterman, Johnette Johnson, and Alexis Cambridge.

2) ORLEANS PARISH WINNERS – Students from Orleans Parish were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University in March. First row, left to right are Lisa Boudreaux, Sophie Brady, Jessica Duplantis, Isabella Wolforth, Caroline Nogues and Claire Bourgeois, all of Mount Carmel Academy; second row, left to right are Chole Roberts, Claudia Spring, Tori Hollars, Rachel Michel, Jolie Sciortino, Alyssa Trahant, all of Mount Carmel, and Melissa Mann of De La Salle High School.

3) ST. TAMMANY PARISH PARTICIPANTS – Students from St. Tammany Parish were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University in April. Pictured are, first row, from left: Amanda Bailey, Eleanor Miles, Adelaide Caplinger, Aiyana Thomas, Rebecca Bell, all of Christ Episcopal School; Christoper Flood and Adam Moennicyh of St. Paul’s School; and Christina Marai Ryan of Fontainebleau High School; second row, from left: Barrett Ponder, Andrew Newberry, Matthew Carroll, Rory O’Meallie, Emmet McComiskey, and Pinson Figueroa, all of Christ Episcopal; Matthew Borgatti of St. Paul’s School, and Aixa Crespo of St. Scholastica Academy.

     HAMMOND – Mount Carmel Academy of New Orleans and The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts of Natchitoches took top honors at the 34th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University April 8.
     The festival drew schools from across the state to compete in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.
     Mount Carmel was named Best Overall School in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students, while The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches garnered Best Overall School for Tier 2, schools with fewer than 600 students.
     Mount Carmel also claimed awards for Best School in Spanish and Best School in French.
     In group activities, Mount Carmel claimed first place in French Play and French Music, second place in Spanish Music, and third place in Spanish Play. St. Scholastica took second place in French Play and French Music; St. Paul’s School was third in French Music; Christ Episcopal School was first in Spanish Play; Northlake Christian was second in Spanish Play, and Haynes Academy was second in Spanish Music. De La Salle was third in Spanish Music.
     Two students received special festival awards. Sabrina Walch of Haynes Academy received a summer abroad scholarship to study during July at the Université de Mons in Belgium. Adam Moennich of St. Paul School was awarded $1,000 for a trip to a Latin American country.

Individual winners, listed by parish and school, were:
    Haynes Academy – First Place: Sabrina Walch, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV. Third Place: Zunair Mohiuddin, Spanish Prose III; Jacob Zanca, French Prose II; Colyn Blais, French Extemporaneous Speaking II; and Justin Hagar, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III.

    Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts – First Place: Heather Soileau, French Prose I; Alexis Cambridge, French Poetry II;  Johnette Johnson, French Poetry III; Madelynne Fontenot, French Poetry IV; Kennedy Ellender, French Prose II; Parker Felterman, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I. Second Place: Claire Lucas, French Poetry I; River Scrantz, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV; Ludwig Colimon, French Prose IV; Jessica Zang, French Extemporaneous Speaking II; Alese Jones, Spanish Prose I; Jessenia Ortiz, Spanish Prose IV; Christopher Carter, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III; Mayavellie Bochas, Spanish Poetry III; Bethany Jenkins, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II. Third Place: Caroline Jin, French Prose II; Kyle Frederick, French Extemporaneous Speaking III; Kabir Shah, Spanish Prose II; and Joshua Ballagh, Spanish Poetry IV.

    De La Salle High School – First Place: Melissa Mann, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II. Second Place: Daniel Pinzon, French Poetry III; Amalia Lopez, Spanish Prose -  Native Speaker; Emily Lissarraque, Spanish Poetry II; Quintin Castagne, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV. Third Place: Madison Schumacher, French Prose IV; Ana Kushnir, French Poetry II; Hannah J. Wilson, Spanish Prose IV; Josue Pagan, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker.
    Mount Carmel Academy –  First Place: Alyssa Trahan, French Prose II; Caroline Nogues, French Prose III; Rachel Michel, French Prose IV; Chloe Roberts, French Poetry I; Jessica Duplantis, French Extemporaneous Speaking I; Isabella Wolforth, French Extemporaneous Speaking II; Sophie Brady, French Extemporaneous Speaking III; Claudia Spring, Spanish Prose I; Caroline Crisp, Spanish Prose II; Claire Bourgeois, Spanish Prose III; Leia Boudreaux, Spanish Poetry I  Second Place: Adeline Chappuis, French Prose I; Isabelle Dugas, French Poetry II; Vanessa Barrios, French Poetry IV; Nancy Lopez, Spanish Poetry IV; Caroline Baehr, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I; Juliana Gomez, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker. Third Place: Emily Schneider, French Poetry III; Camryn Dinvaut, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV; Hannah Galloway, Spanish Poetry III; Jordan Berry, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II; Guisselle Barraza, Spanish – Native Speaker.

    Christ Episcopal School – First Place: Eleanor Miles, Spanish Prose IV; Pinson Figueroa, Spanish Poetry II; Annabel Bailey, Spanish Poetry IV.  Third Place: Rebecca Bell, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV; Aubrie Daigle, Spanish Poetry I.
    Fontainebleau Jr. High – First Place: Christine Maria Ryan, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker.
    Northlake Christian School – Second Place: Courtney Mongrue, Spanish Prose II; Gabe Sigl, Spanish Prose III; Jessie Rhodes, Spanish Poetry I; Third Place: Kera Grace Watts, Spanish Prose I.
    St. Paul’s School – First Place: David Needles, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker; Christopher Flood, Spanish Poetry II; Matthew Borgatti, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III; Adam Moennich, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV. Second Place: Daniel J. Nunez, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker. Third Place: Blake Ramsey, Spanish Poetry II; Luke Vargas, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I.
    St. Scholastica Academy – First Place: Aixa Crespo, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking. Second Place: Alexa McMullen, French Extemporaneous Speaking II; Caroline Cantrelle, French Extemporaneous  Speaking III. Third Place: Georgia Trist, French Poetry I; Emily Meyers, French Poetry IV;  Elian Morena, French Extemporaneous Speaking I.

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