Southeastern makes counseling services available

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
by: Tonya Lowentritt

     HAMMOND – The Southeastern Louisiana University Counseling Center is providing free individual counseling for all Southeastern students, faculty, staff and their families. Following the unprecedented flooding in the region, they are offering support groups to aid in disaster recovery.
     “Let’s face it, last week was overwhelming,” said Counseling Center Community Liason and Counselor Annette Newton. “We are providing a safe, quiet space to process this experience. We want to help students, faculty, and staff adjust to the ‘new normal.’”
     To schedule an appointment at the Counseling Center, call (985) 549-3894.
     The Counseling Center will also offer students disaster recovery support groups for the next two weeks. Licensed professional counselors will be available for crisis debriefing, general questions and concerns. Room 2202 in the Student Union has beem reserved for sessions at the following dates and times: Wednesday, Aug. 24, 11-12 noon; Thursday, Aug. 25, 1-2 p.m.; Tuesday, Aug. 30, 11-12 noon; Wednesday, Aug. 31, 11-12 noon; and Thursday, Sept. 1, 1-2 p.m.
     The Counseling Center also suggests the following things to consider about mental health after a disaster:
     • Distress is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Distress includes feeling anxious, angry, stressed, overwhelmed, tearful, and sometimes numb. Distress causes people to have difficulty sleeping and concentrating. You can expect to experience some of these symptoms after a disaster.
     • Severe distress can be a sign of Acute Distress Disorder. It is characterized by abnormal levels of anxiety and dissociative symptoms and is different than Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
     • Most people psychologically and emotionally recover within a few weeks after a disaster. This is called resilience. Resiliency is improved when we connect and help one another. By remaining calm, we help ourselves, so that we may be of service to others.
     • Children need help processing natural disasters. They are being surrounded by images and stories that may be difficult for their underdeveloped brains to comprehend. Please talk to your children and siblings by helping them understand why these events occurred and supporting their emotional needs.
     For more information, contact the Counseling Center at (985) 549-3894.

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