Regional Social Studies Fair winners announced

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
by: Tonya Lowentritt

1)St. Tammany Parish Social Studies Fair winners2)St. Helena and Tangipahoa parish Social Studies Fair winners

1) SOCIAL STUDIES FAIR WINNERS FROM ST. TAMMANY PARISH – Several students from St. Tammany Parish schools were recognized with first place awards in the regional Social Sciences Fair held at Southeastern Louisiana University. Pictured are, first row, from left, Krishna Hariprasad, Tchefuncte Middle; David Cui, Tchefuncte Middle; Carter Murphy, Lake Harbor Middle; Delfina Holub, Cedarwood;  Lily Foster, Mandeville Middle; Kay Fergosien, Tchefuncte Middle;  Austin Veillette, Mandeville Middle;  and Clara Flynn, Tchefuncte Middle. Second row, from left, are Julia Songy and Erika Tarver, Our Lady of the Lake; Rose Shaw and Paige Pratt, Mandeville Middle; and Aiden Freret, Tchefuncte Middle.

2) ST. HELENA, TANGIPAHOA SOCIAL SCIENCES WINNERS – Several students from St. Helena Parish and Tangipahoa Parish schools were recognized with first place awards at the regional Social Sciences Fair held recently at Southeastern Louisiana University. Pictured are, from left, Uriah Galmon, O.W. Dillon; Daranae Griffin, Ladazia Hughes, Edaisha Gordan and Scott Galmon, all of St. Helena.

     HAMMOND – First through fourth place winners in three divisions were recognized in the 2016 Region 8 Social Studies Fair held at Southeastern Louisiana University Feb. 17.    
     All first and second place winners advance to the state Social Studies Fair to be held at Louisiana State University later this spring.
     Division I encompasses fourth and fifth grades, Division II sixth through eighth grades, and Division III ninth through 12th grades.
     Winners by parish and school announced at the event are:
    ST. HELENA HIGH: Ladazia Hughes and Regina Hughes, Division III, first place, political science; Scott Gahmon and Edaisha Gordon, Division I, first place, sociology; William Lloyd, Antwine Cyprian and Damien Henry, Division III, second place, sociology; and Yennifer Cordova and Chyya Fraizer, Division III, fourth place, geography.

    ABITA SPRINGS MIDDLE: Haley Cocus, Division I, third place, sociology.
    BAYOU LACOMBE MIDDLE: Landen Fonseca, Division I, fourth place, anthropology; Brianna Kieper, Division I, fourth place, geography.
    CEDARWOOD SCHOOL (MANDEVILLE): Delfina Holub, Division II, first place, geography; Dylan Martin, Division II, second place, economics; Kaylin Thomson, Division II, second place, sociology; Trey Paine, Division II, third place, anthropology; and Grace Ladner, Division II, third place, sociology.
    FOUNTAINBLEU JUNIOR HIGH: Sarvagnay Kaushal, Division II, second place, geography.
    LAKE HARBOR MIDDLE (MANDEVILLE): Carter Murphy, Division II, first place, history; and Abby Carter and Bailey Patterson, Division II, second place, history.
    MANDEVILLE MIDDLE: Rose Shaw, Division I, first place, anthropology; Austin Veillette, Division I, first place, economics; Lily Foster, Division I, first place, sociology; Paige Pratt, Division II, first place, anthropology; Michael A. Hyatt, Division I, second place, political science; Andrew Dufour, Division I, third place, economics; Sameen Hossain, Division I, third place, geography; Aiden Mangipano, Division II, third place, geography; Alexander G. FitzPatrick, Division I, fourth place, political science; Charlotte Drewes, Division I, fourth place, political science; and Allee Gay, Division II, fourth place, economics.
    NORTHLAKE CHRISTIAN (COVINGTON): Mia Bottner, Division I, second place, sociology; Bankston Northcutt, Division I, third place, anthropology; Andi Vega, Division I, third place, history; Luke Tape, Division I, fourth place, economics; and Tamyra Otkins, Division II, fourth place, sociology.
    OUR LADY OF THE LAKE (MANDEVILLE): Erika Tarver and Julia Songy, Division II, first, history; Caleb Voltz, Division II, second place, anthropology; Molly Plaisance, Division II, second place, Louisiana history; and Abigail Thomas, Division II, third place, economics.
    TCHEFUNCTE MIDDLE: Kay Kergosien, Division I, first, geography; Aiden Freret, Division I, first place, Louisiana history; David Cui, Division I, first place, political science; Krishna Hariprasad, Division II, first place, economics; Clara Flynn, Division II, first place, sociology; Elise Parnell, Division I, second place, anthropology; Phoebe Endriss, Division I, second place, economics; Pakorn Liengsawangwong, Division I, second place, geography; Grisham Hall, Division I, second place, history; Susannah Donoghue, Division I, second place, Louisiana history; Mallory Edney, Division II, second place, history; Parker Fenton, Division I, third place, Louisiana history; Gabriele Sudmann, Division II, third place, history; Olivia Faler, Division I, fourth place, Louisiana history; Sydney Bray, Division II, fourth place, geography; Aiden Sonnier, Division II, fourth place, history.

    O.W. DILLON (Kentwood): Uriah Galmon, Division II, first place, Louisiana history.
    SOUTHEASTERN LABORATORY SCHOOL: Cami Wainwright, Division II, third place, history.
    TANGI ACADEMY (Hammond): Krishun Chappell, Division I, first place, history; Arianna Shaffett, Division I, third place, political science; and Robert West, Division I, fourth place, history.

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