Fantastic frogs and sexy salamanders topic of next Science on Tap presentation

Friday, November 18, 2016 Christopher Beachy
by: Rene Abadie

     HAMMOND – Regaining an appreciation for frogs and salamanders – creatures most children think are pretty neat – will be the focus of the next Science on Tap lecture presented by Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Biological Sciences on Tuesday, Dec. 6.
     Professor and Head of the Department of Biological Sciences Christopher Beachy is the featured speaker at the presentation scheduled at 7 p.m. at Tope La Catering, 113 East Thomas St. in Hammond. The lecture – titled “The Fantastic Frog and the Sexy Salamander” – is free and open to all ages. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
     “Kids love frogs and salamanders; they don’t need a reason because they appreciate them just for being what they are: neat animals,” said Beachy. “But as they become adults, many forget they loved them as kids. Adults will often ask me, ‘What are they good for?’”
     Beachy said he will outline several cases that demonstrate the importance of frogs and salamanders while reminding the audience that these animals are admirable for no other reason than they are living things that deserve respectful treatment.
     “Among several topics, I will talk about how amphibian metamorphosis is an excellent way to study pregnancy, how observing salamander tongues helps us think about ballistic weapons, and how salamander sex provides insights into human mating behavior,” he said.
     “Biologists are deeply worried about amphibians,” he added. “These wondrous animals are in serious danger, and several amazing things that certain amphibians do are no longer in existence because of recent extinction.”
     For information on future Science on Tap presentations, contact the Department of Biological Sciences at 985-549-3740.

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