Southeastern staff support coworker on round two of breast cancer


Thursday, March 25, 2021 Team Sondra
by: Tonya Lowentritt 

     HAMMOND – The Southeastern Louisiana University Controller’s Office staff is rallying around one of their own who is fighting breast cancer for the second time.
     Assistant Controller Tara Hudgins said the Controller’s Office decided to rally around and support Accounting Specialist II Sondra Sagnibene as she began her treatment almost 10 years to the day after she was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time.
     “Marti Peeler, one of our administrative assistants, came up with the idea of t-shirts as a tangible, visible show of support,” Hudgins said. “We had an overwhelming response, and many in the office bought a shirt to support our friend and coworker.”
     The office surprised Sagnibene prior to her second chemotherapy treatment by wearing the shirts to work and presenting her one as well. Sagnibene will receive treatment on Fridays going forward, so the office staff will wear the shirts each week that day to stand in solidarity with her.
The back of the shirt reads, ‘No one fights alone,’ and Hudgins said it is their hope that by wearing the shirts, Sagnibene knows that is truly the case.
     “I’ve only been back at Southeastern a short time, but to me, working at Southeastern means coworkers are more like family,” Hudgins said. “I have found that those in this department truly care for one another, and that makes this university a great place to work. We are happy to support Sondra in her fight.”

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