Southeastern instructor appointed to Latino Commission


Tuesday, January 31, 2023 
by: Tonya Lowentritt Aristides Baraya

     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University Management Instructor Aristides Baraya has been appointed to the Latino Commission by the Louisiana Speaker of the House, the Hon. Clay Schexnayder.
     The main objective of the commission is to identify obstacles to the effective delivery of Louisiana state government services to Latin Americans, to propose methods to remove those obstacles, and to present proposals to the appropriate government entities.
     “Dr. Baraya’s selection for this prestigious nomination is truly an honor for Southeastern,” said Southeastern President John L. Crain. “It recognizes his and Southeastern’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Hispanic community’s social and professional development.”
     As Director of the Latin American Business and Development Initiative, Baraya works daily to develop the potential of Hispanic youth through the Hispanic Leadership Program his office has been developing with Hispanic high school youth from various parishes across the Northshore region. The program, he said, goes beyond the traditional instruction of leadership courses by providing Latino youth with the tools and resources to develop educational opportunities and become influential community leaders, giving Hispanic youth real-world learning experiences.
     “The Hispanic community has made significant contributions to the development of our great nation and has an essential role to play in today’s US economic and social success,” he said. “Empowering social development and leadership to the Hispanic community will bring enormous opportunities to Louisiana.”
     Baraya is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District, a member of the Board of Advisors National Scientific and Academic Council of University for Distance Education, a member of the Southeastern Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, and the Southeastern faculty advisor of the Association of Latin American Students.
     A resident of Hammond, Baraya was named one of Louisiana’s top 100 successful Hispanic citizens by “Vocero News of New Orleans,” and a participant of the U.S. Senate National Hispanic Summit.

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