October 22, 2019

Good Morning Lions!
Take a deep breath! Breathe in and breathe out. Now - let's chat for a moment.
It may be hard to believe, but we've made it to the halfway point of the semester. This may seem meaningless to some, but there are a number of you who have faced challenges and setbacks early in the semester that have made it difficult for you persist. Despite anything you've experienced, you are still here! We are very proud of you.
With that said, we are at a critical point of the semester. The withdrawal (drop) date is quickly approaching. The last day to drop any course and receive a "W" will be November 1st at 12:30PM. We are hopeful that you have an accurate picture of your academic performance in each of your courses. Now it is time for you to Connect, Assess, & Decide.
  • Connect with faculty to determine your standing in the class and to ask for suggestions for improvement.
  • Email faculty. Be sure to address them by the correct title (Dr/Mr/Ms), introduce yourself with your name, W#, section, and use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Make an appointment for a meeting. Prepare questions ahead, arrive on time, introduce yourself, and indicate the reason for your meeting.


  • Take an honest look at yourself, your performance, the opportunities ahead, and your willingness to do what it takes.
  • Find out if there are enough points/assessments to turn things around.
  • Consider if you are willing to commit the time and effort needed to be successful.


  • If you have assessed all of your options and decide to remain enrolled – Please attend every class and give the extra effort needed to be successful (coordinate a study group, go to tutoring, work less hours, and/or try a new study technique), ask for help, and look for resources.

In closing, we are here to provide support at every step of the way.  Please do not hesitate to make contact if there are questions or concerns.  It’s important for you to Connect, Assess & Decide as we approach November 1st. Please contact Dr. Gabe Willis at deanofstudents@southeastern.edu or Dr. Lorett Swank at cse@southeastern.edu.

With Lion Pride,
Dr. Lorett Swank and Dr. Gabe Willis