Success Matters - Samson Ajayi

Production Associate—Tesla

BS in Industrial Technology, 2018

After traveling halfway around the globe to study at Southeastern, Samson Ajayi started on a path that would lead him to the beginnings of a stellar career working in Nevada for legendary manufacturer Tesla—helping to accelerate the world to sustainable energy.

Samson Ajayi

Samson moved from Lagos, Nigeria, to attend Southeastern and take part in the Industrial Technology program that the university offers. During his studies, he particularly became interested in automated systems. “My passion for industrial automation and mechanical design has helped drive me to where I am now,” he commented.

Samson immersed himself in the Industrial Technology program, taking on an undergraduate research role within the department in addition to excelling in his studies and creating a lasting professional network.

While moving to Hammond, Louisiana, was a big change for Samson, the talented young man easily adapted. He mentioned how he found Hammond—a city that had plenty to offer without being sprawling and chaotic—to be the perfect size. Southeastern also offered numerous activities and fun events to enjoy with his new friends.

This passion, dedication, and fortitude exemplified by Samson has certainly paid off. He received a job offer from Tesla while still finishing his degree at Southeastern, allowing him to step into a successful career immediately upon graduation.

By: Sheri Gibson