Curriculum in Elementary Education Grades 1-5

Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science

(see footnotes at bottom)


First Semester

ENGL 101G Freshman Composition 3 hours
††MATH 161G College Algebra 3 hours
GBIO 106G Introduction to Biological Principles I 3 hours
BIOL 152 General Biology Laboratory I 1 hour
HIST 202 American History since 1877 3 hours
††GEOG 103G Introduction to Geography 3 hours
SE 101 Freshman Academic Success at Southeastern 2 hours
  Total: 18 hours


Second Semester

††ENGL 102G Critical Reading and Writing 3 hours
††MATH 177G Mathematics for Elementary Education I 3 hours
ESSC 101, or
ESSC 102, or
Earth and Space Science I
Earth and Space Science II
Physical Science II
3 hours
††MUS 291G Fundamentals of Music 3 hours
HIST 102G Western Civilization since 1500 3 hours
††COMM 210G Communicating in the Classroom 3 hours
  Total: 18 hours



First Semester

ENGL 230, or
ENGL 231, or
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
†††EDUC 2031 Foundations of Education 2 hours
†††EDUC 2121 Diversity in the Classroom 1 hour
††MATH 277 Mathematics for Elementary Education II 3 hours
GBIO 107G Introduction to Biological Principles II 3 hours
BIOL 154 General Biology Laboratory II 1 hour
POLI 201G American Politics 3 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

ENGL 230, or
ENGL 231, or
ENGL 232
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
††EPSY 301 Educational Psychology of Children and Adolescents 3 hours
††SPED 210 Characteristics of Individuals with Exceptionalities 2 hours
††MATH 287 Mathematics for Elementary Education III 3 hours
PHYS 142 Physics for Elementary Education 4 hours
  Total: 15 hours




First Semester

††EPSY 315 Classroom Management and Motivation for
Beginning Teachers
3 hours
††EDUC 307 Instructional Planning and Assessment 3 hours
††MATH 367 Capstone in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 4 hours
Elective   1 hours
††LSED 401 Books and Related Materials for Children 3 hours
††EDUC 304 The Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School 3 hours
  Total: 17 hours


Second Semester

††EDUC 3262 Curriculum and Instruction in Grades 1-5 6 hours
††EDUC 3202 Foundations of PK-8 Mathematics Education                3 hours
††EDUC 3222 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading 3 hours
††ART 371 Art for the Elementary Teacher 3 hours
  Total: 15 hours




First Semester

††EDUC 4153 Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School 9 hours
††SPED 4953 The Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the
Regular Classroom
3 hours
  Total: 12 hours


Second Semester

EDUC 427 Student Teaching in the Elementary or Middle School 9 hours
  Total: 9 hours


Total semester hours required 120

Southeastern 101 is not required of transfer or readmitted Southeastern students with 30 hours or more. Those students will replace Southeastern 101 with 2 hours of electives.

GGeneral Education Courses

††A grade of "C" or better is required.
†††A grade of "B" or better is required
1Take EDUC 203 and 212 concurrently.
2Take EDUC 320, EDUC 322 and EDUC 326 concurrently.
3Take EDUC 415 and SPED 495 concurrently.