Class Attendance Regulations

Class attendance is regarded as an obligation as well as a privilege, and all students are expected to attend regularly and punctually all classes in which they are enrolled. Failure to do so may jeopardize a student's scholastic standing and may lead to suspension from the university.

Each instructor shall keep a permanent attendance record for each class. These records are subject to inspection by appropriate college or university officials.

When any student receives unexcused absences (e.g., ten percent of the total classes) in any class prior to the published withdrawal date, the instructor may withdraw the student with a grade of W.
Specific policies regarding (but not restricted to) makeup of missed exams, submission of excuses for absences, procedures for appealing unexcused absences, and the manner in which attendance may be used in grading are to be established by individual departments and explicitly defined and expressed in instructors' syllabi or course information sheets.

An absence must be considered excused if it is for one of the authorized activities listed in the section "Southeastern Attendance Procedures" and the procedures detailed in that section have been followed. An absence may also be considered excused if deemed so by the instructor.


Southeastern Attendance Procedures

An instructor may withdraw any student from a class for excessive unexcused absences. However, if a student who has been withdrawn from a class for excessive absences wishes to reenter that class, he or she may appeal for readmission no later than the published withdrawal deadline. This appeal must first be made to the class instructor, then (if necessary) to the class department head and finally the class dean. If readmission is granted, the instructor must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing upon the student's return.

Absence due to authorized trips from the University or to special duties or activities at the University may be excused by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Faculty and staff members in charge of these trips and activities must submit a list of students involved to the Provost at least five working days prior to the trip or activity. Authorized activities include athletic, music events, student conventions, religious meetings, field trips, assisting in rallies, music festivals, etc. It is the responsibility of each student to make up necessary course work missed by an excused absence.

It is a student's responsibility to withdraw from a class. A student does not withdraw from class by failing to attend.