Dual Enrollment Program

Southeastern has entered into cooperative agreements with high schools and school systems in the region to offer dual enrollment opportunities to qualified high school students. Students who meet the criteria for participation in the Dual Enrollment program and have the required permissions from the parent/guardian and the high school administrators are eligible to earn both college and high school credit. Students remain in the high school setting taking high school classes in which the content has been elevated to college-level work while their teachers work collaboratively with Southeastern faculty to present the material. The students are enrolled concurrently in the college course as a guest student, and upon successful completion of the course, earn credit for both college and high school courses. Students can earn a maximum of 27 hours of college credit through Southeastern's Dual Enrollment program. Interested students should consult with their high school counselor or principal or visit Southeastern's website to obtain application materials and information.


Early Admission

Early admission will be allowed if a high school student has made a B (3.0) or better average during six semesters of high school, and has an ACT composite score of at least 25, have no more than one developmental course requirements (See definition of Developmental Courses), and has been recommended by his/her high school principal. Upon earning 24 semester hours of college credit, the student may be granted a high school diploma upon approval by the appropriate Board of Education. The student should initiate the process by making a request to the Associate Director of Admissions. Federal (Title IV) financial aid is not available for students participating in this program.


Program for Gifted-Talented Youth

Southeastern Louisiana University offers a program for gifted-talented youths who may desire to take courses on a more advanced level in a college-oriented environment.


Selection of students is restricted to secondary grades. Students must present evidence of high intellectual or creative abilities and should possess the maturity to succeed in an adult competitive setting.


Documentation should include scores on standardized tests showing results in the 95th percentile/higher or grade placement at the 12.0 grade/higher level, or an ACT composite score of 22 or higher with no more than one developmental course requirements (See definition of Developmental Courses), and a high school transcript with at least 3.0 GPA. Evidence of creative abilities can be documented by awards in competitive performances or by recommendation of teachers. Recommendation of teachers in the specific area of desired curriculum should accompany the application. Granting of high school credit for university work is based on the applicant having met parish and state criteria for gifted-talented students and the parish regulations governing same.

Applicants must secure written recommendations and approval of the school principal, parents or legal guardian, the department head, and the instructor of the specific course(s) in which enrollment is desired. The Office of Admissions will provide information.


All fees regularly charged to part-time students will also apply to the Gifted-Talented Program. Students may enroll for a maximum of two courses per semester. Federal (Title IV) financial aid is not available for students participating in this program.


Transcripts will be maintained in the Office of Admissions and will note the nature of the program and the admission status (Gifted-Talented Program). College credit will be reserved until graduation from high school or until early admission as provided for by action of the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors. High school students who do not successfully complete a course may not be permitted to re-enroll until graduation from high school.


Special Program for Adults (SPA) Non-Degree

Persons wishing to pursue credit courses without meeting the full requirements for admission to undergraduate status may apply to the Special Program for Adults (SPA) by completing a regular application for admission and submitting all the necessary documentation by the appropriate deadlines. Adults who have not attended high school or college for at least three years may apply for participation in this non-degree program and may enroll in one or two undergraduate courses for personal growth. Applicants must have a high school degree or the equivalent. A person who has previously attended an institution of higher education must be eligible to return to that institution to qualify for the program. Louisiana residents 60 years of age or older will be allowed to take 3 credit hours tuition-free.


If accepted to the program, all university deadlines, fees, and other regulations apply to SPA enrollment. All courses taken carry full academic credit and will appear on the transcript. Courses taken during enrollment in the Special Program for Adults, however, may or may not apply to a degree should the student decide to pursue a degree in the future. The student should consult with the department head of their intended major if they decide to pursue a degree. SPA students will be required to have ACT scores on file or proof of prerequisite completion prior to scheduling any English or Mathematics courses. Students may contact the Office of Admissions to obtain application materials, or for more information about the Special Program for Adults. Federal (Title IV) financial aid is not available for students participating in this program.


Special Projects/TRIO

TRIO Grants are designed and implemented to promote the educational and cultural preparation, development, and advancement of diverse populations to assist in academic success for junior high, secondary and post-secondary students. Pre-college preparation, assistance in post-secondary enrollment, and services that enhance academic and non-academic student success are included in the comprehensive array of services available for student involvement. Collectively, these programs serve approximately four thousand participants annually.


The Classic Upward Bound program provides the academic strength, skills, and motivation in high school students to ensure success in post-secondary education. On Saturdays and during a six-week on-campus summer program, participants receive instruction in literature, composition, foreign language, mathematics, and science. Qualified high School juniors and seniors can earn college credit while working with the program.


Math-Science Upward Bound provides a center to offer a mathematics and science curriculum to high school students in a five-parish area for the purpose of preparing them to enroll in high school mathematics and science courses, and upon graduation, to enroll in a post-secondary institution in a math science curriculum. These students participate throughout the academic year through Internet-based assignments and attend a six-week summer residential program where college professors mentor and guide their learning and research. Participants qualify to earn college credit while they are juniors and seniors in high school.


The Educational Talent Search Program assists students in persisting with and completing secondary school, as well as enrolling in a post-secondary educational program. Academic and social needs of high school juniors and seniors are addressed by offering academic tutoring, LEAP remediation, and workshops in the areas of financial aid, personal and career counseling, ACT testing, enrollment, and essential life skills.


The Educational Opportunity Center targets adult citizens 19 and older by providing educational preparation through tutoring, workshops, and pre/post-testing for entrance into institutions of higher education. Other services include career exploration and financial aid assistance.


Veterans Upward Bound provides veterans with assistance and services to obtain the skills and motivation necessary to pursue a program of post-secondary education. Academic and career assessment, academic instruction and tutoring, enrollment and admission services and other enrichment activities are provided to veterans at both the main campus and at the Baton Rouge Center.


Southeastern Scholars Programs

Southeastern Louisiana University permits enrollment to superior high school students who have a proven high academic record, along with the recommendation of their principal.  High school students who have an ACT composite of 24 or higher and a high school GPA of a 3.0 or better and no more than one developmental course requirement (See definition of Developmental Course requirements) can begin their college experiences at Southeastern during the summers and throughout the school year while they are still attending high school. Scholarships are available for part-time enrollment for qualified students who participate.  


Students should not schedule any courses at the University in any subject where high school graduation requirements have not been met. Credit may be applied toward a degree when the student meets regular admission standards, including graduation from high school.  Federal (Title IV) financial aid is not available for students participating in this program.


Students participating in the program must earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative and semester GPA on all Southeastern course work in order to continue receiving the scholarship. Students who are eligible to continue at Southeastern, but failed to maintain the 3.0 GPA, can continue in the program but will not receive the benefit of the scholarship. Students may request a reinstatement of the scholarship at the point that the minimum GPA requirements have been met. Southeastern Scholar forms may be obtained at the Office of Admissions, and must be signed by the student’s high school principal.


Summer Scholars Program

Qualified high school graduates who also meet the 24 or higher ACT and 3.0 or better high school GPA , have no more than one developmental course requirement (See definition of Developmental Courses), and want to get a jumpstart on their college education may enroll in a Summer Scholars Program. Scholarship funding is available to assist during the summer following high school graduation