David Hanson, Department Head 


The Department of English at Southeastern Louisiana University fosters students' abilities to think analytically and creatively, write clearly and cogently, and integrate critical judgment with imagination in reading texts. The Department's tradition of concern for the individual student sustains a strong sense of intellectual community, diversity and vitality. To round out its commitment to education that is both engaged with the world and personally rewarding, the Department sponsors cultural events, serves external communities, and promotes global awareness. English faculty teach courses in basic composition and literature supporting the University's general education core, and undergraduate and graduate courses in literary studies, composition, creative writing, professional writing, publishing studies, pedagogy, and linguistics. All curricula are designed to provide humanistic education that prepares students for graduate study and develops their practical skills for professions, including education, law, professional writing, and the arts. For graduation the Department requires a minimum of 120 semester hours properly distributed among the various disciplines of the University.

Candidates for the bachelor's degree in English must earn, at Southeastern, at least half of the semester hours required in the major field.


Placement in English

Placement of entering freshmen in English courses is based on the English score and the Composite score on the American College Test. (See American College Test in this catalog.) Students are not permitted to register for English until these scores are on file in the Office of Testing.

The American College Test is not used as an entrance examination. Rather, it is used as a means of determining the degree of preparation in English. The placement procedure, outlined below, ensures (1) that each entering freshman will begin his/her study of English at the highest level for which he/she is prepared at the time he/she enters Southeastern, and (2) that each one who is assigned placement in English will automatically receive credit for the prerequisite course or courses.


      • English 93: ACT English score of 16-17 (must be taken concurrently with English 101). Credit for English 93 does not count toward graduation.
      • English 101: ACT English score of 18 or higher.
      • English 102: ACT English score of 29 or higher. Credit for English 101 with grade "P" upon successful completion of English 102.
      • English 121H and 123H (Honors): ACT Composite score of 24 or higher or ACT English score of 24 or higher. Credit for English121H or English 123H in lieu of English 101.
      • English 122H and 124H (Honors): ACT Composite score of 24 or higher and credit for English 101, 121H, or 123H OR minimum ACT English score of 29 or higher. Credit for English 101 with grade "P" upon successful completion of English 122H or English 124H. Credit for English 122H or 124H in lieu of English 102.
      • English 200-300-level courses: A minimum combined ACT English and Composite score of 65 AND an advanced-standing examination (a composition administered and evaluated by the Department of English). Credit for English 101 and 102 with grade "P" upon successful completion of English 210H, 230, 231, 232, 291H, 292H, 300, 301, 303, 309, 310, 312, 315, 316, 317, 321, 322, 351, 352, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 380, 392, 395, or 396.



The major in English consists of forty-two approved semester hours.


Honors Diploma in English

For the Honors Diploma in English, majors must complete the following requirements:

ENGL 123H or 124H  3 hours
HIST 101H, 102H, 201H, or 202H  3 hours
COMM 211H  3 hours
GBIO 151H pr 153H  3 hours
HONR 1911  3 hours
Senior Thesis  0 hours
ENGL H-Option 400-level2  9 hours
Total Hours 24 hours


1Satisfies Art Elective or Art/Music/Theatre/Dance requirement.

2An H-option course may include participation in collaborative research, service learning, an internship, or Study Abroad program.



The Department of English offers minors in English, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Gender Studies, and an Interdisciplinary Minor in Publishing. These consist of 18 hours each and include the following course requirements:

1. Minor in English

Courses from two of the following:
230/351/352/; 231/301/303; 232/395/396; 300; 210H; 291H; 292H; 312/413/414  6 hours
ENGL Electives (300-400)1 12 hours


1Three hours must be in modern or contemporary literature, as approved by the Department Head.


2. Minor in Creative Writing

ENGL 371 3 hours
ENGL 372 3 hours
ENGL 482 or 483 3 hours
300/400 level courses1 6 hours
Elective 300/400 level courses in English or Independent Study 3 hours


1Three hours must be in modern or contemporary literature, as approved by the Department Head.


 3. Minor in Professional Writing

ENGL 322 3 hours
ENGL 448 3 hours
ENGL 492, 493, 494, or 495 3 hours
Document Design1 Elective 3 hours
International Perspectives1 Elective 3 hours
Discourse of the Professions1 Elective                                    3 hours


1Cross-disciplinary electives are subject to approval by the Professional Writing coordinator. See English Department for a list of approved classes.


4. Minor in Gender Studies

ENGL 429 3 hours
HIST 468 or 469 3 hours
SOC 215, 222, or 354 3 hours
COMM 475 3 hours
Electives1                                                                                                6 hours


1Subject to the approval of the Department of English, independent study or special topic course from any department may be used in this minor if a substantial amount of the course or of the student's research focuses on gender issues.


5. Interdisciplinary Minor in Publishing

ENGL 309 3 hours
One course each from the following core areas of publishing:  
Writing: ENGL 321, 322, or 447; COMM 151 or 430 3 hours
Editing: English 492 or Communication 341 3 hours
Visual Culture: ENGL 449 or 486; or COMM 376; or CMPS 333 3 hours
Print Publishing: ENGL 493; or COMM 321; or ART 361 3 hours
Online Publishing: ENGL 494; COMM 417 or 419; or ART 459 3 hours
Elective1 3 hours


1To be decided from any of the above courses not already fulfilling a component requirement or from an internship course in the student's major to serve as a publishing internship (ENGL 495; COMM 459; ART 466; or CMPS 400.)