The Office of Testing is the assessment center for national and accommodation testing. Some of the major exams administered through this office include Accuplacer, Major Field Assessment, the Praxis, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, CLEP, DANTES, NLN, GED, SAT and independent study exams. Students who need more information regarding these exams should contact the Office of Testing which is located in the North Campus Main Building, Room 172 or access the office's website.


The office of testing also plays a major role in providing the necessary conditions for those students seeking special and/or accommodations testing. Some of the accommodations provided by the office include:


  1. Low-distraction testing environment
  2. Extended testing time
  3. Test enlargement
  4. Test reformatting
  5. Orally-proctored tests


Those students seeking special and/or accommodations testing must first self-identify with the Office of Student Accessibility Services.