The Mission of Southeastern Louisiana University is to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of southeast Louisiana.


Core Values

Core Values are the underpinning of a university's culture and character, and serve as the foundation on which everything else is built. Southeastern Louisiana University's core values of Excellence and Caring reflect who we are and what you can expect from us.


Continually striving for the highest level of achievement; overcoming challenges with reflection, improvement, innovation and reinvention.


Serving the needs of others with respect, understanding and compassion; affirming the differences among individuals, values and ideas.


Guided by our core values, Southeastern creates engaging learning opportunities such as residential, Online Learning and international experiences that extend knowledge and its application in the classroom and beyond.


Southeastern uses technology to provide access to the global ideas and information, to an interactive world of knowledge creation and sharing, and to a wealth of online collaboration and communication


Strategic Priorities

1. To engage a diverse population of learners with powerful experiences.

1.1 The University will provide relevant curricula, emphasizing scholarship and an innovative, engaging pedagogy that creates an intellectually stimulating environment.

1.2 The University will expand an aggressive and effective recruiting program that attracts and enrolls highly qualified and diverse students.

1.3 The University will provide programs, services, resources and infrastructure that maximize student success and degree completion.

1.4 The University will recruit, retain, develop, engage, and support a diverse and well-qualified faculty and staff.

1.5 The University will create an environment that promotes accessibility and safety, and supports understanding and acceptance of human differences.

1.6 The University will offer distance learning courses, program and technologies that are responsive to student needs.

1.7 The University will offer a broad array of non-degree educational, economic, and cultural activities that meet the changing needs of the region.

1.8 The University will offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs and post-degree certificate programs to meet regional needs.


2. To spearhead collaborative efforts.

2.1 The University will partner with area K-12 schools through programs such as dual enrollment.

2.2 The University will increase the number of community college transfer students.

2.3 The University will enhance its partnership with Northshore Technical College.

2.4 The University will expand interaction with business, community and educational groups.

2.5 The University will enhance international partnerships.


3. To foster a climate that nurtures relationships and engages people in the life of the University.

3.1 The University will offer a broad array of athletic, cultural, and community events and programs.

3.2 The University will enrich relationships through interactive communication.


4. To prepare the University community to thrive in a global society.

4.1 The University will include more global perspectives in its curricula.

4.2 The University will increase the presence on campus of students from outside the region and country.

4.3 The University will promote student/faculty exchanges with international institutions.


5. To increase, diversify and manage funding effectively.

5.1 The University will effectively manage its share of state appropriations.

5.2 The University will increase alternate sources of revenue.

5.3 The University will expand sustainability efforts as a means of reducing costs and enhancing educational opportunities for students.


6. To communicate the University's identity and value.

6.1 The University will identify and promote its strengths.

6.2 The University will develop and implement an integrated marketing and communication plan.