Curriculum in Social Work

Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

(see footnotes at bottom)



First Semester

SOC 1014 Introductory Sociology 3 hours
††SW 1014 Introduction to Social Work, Fields of Practice 3 hours
ENGL 1014,G Freshman Composition 3 hours
GBIO 1064,G Introduction to Biological Principles I  3 hours
SE 101 Freshman Academic Success a Southeastern 2 hours
  Total: 14 hours


Second Semester

††SW 2014 History and Philosophy of Social Welfare and
Social Work
3 hours
GBIO 1074,G Introduction to Biological Principles II 3 hours
††ENGL 1024,G Critical Reading and Writing 3 hours
MATH 105 or
MATH 151/161G
Finite Mathematics
College Algebra with Fundamentals / College Algebra
3 hours
PSYC 1014 General Psychology I 3 hours
LS 102 Introduction to Information Research                        1 hours
  Total: 16 hours



First Semester

††SW 2024 Child Welfare Services 3 hours
††SW 2034 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3 hours
SOC 2124 Marriage and Family Life 3 hours
HIST 201G American History to 1877 3 hours
ENGL 230, or
ENGL 231, or
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
MATH 241G Elementary Statistics 3 hours
  Total: 18 hours


Second Semester

††SW 2044 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3 hours
††SW 2054 Understanding Human Diversity and
Populations at Risk
3 hours
ENGL 322 Introduction to the Profession of
Technical Writing
3 hours
HIST 202 American History since 1877 3 hours
POLI 201G American Politics 3 hours
CMPS 110 Computer Literacy 3 hours
  Total: 18 hours




First Semester

††SW 360 Social Work Research Methods and Designs 3 hours
††SW 402 Social Welfare Policy, A Framework for Analysis                   3 hours
††SW 303 Crisis Intervention 3 hours
MUS 151, or
THEA 131, or
ART 105, or
ART 106G
Introduction to Music
Introduction to the Theatre
Survey of World Art History I
Survey of World Art History II
3 hours
  Total: 12 hours


Second Semester

††SW 304 Generalist Social Work Practice: Micro 
Practice Skills
3 hours
††SW 361 Methods of Analysis and Dissemination                  3 hours
ECON 102 or
ECON 201 or
Elements of Economics
Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)
Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)
3 hours
COMM 211G Introduction to Public Speaking 3 hours
Elective1   3 hours
  Total: 15 hours




First Semester

††SW 305 Generalist Social Work Practice: Mezzo Practice Skills 3 hours
††SW 406 Generalist Social Work Practice: Macro Practice Skills 3 hours
††SW 308 Generalist Social Work Practice: Case Management Skills  3 hours
  3 hours
Social Work/
  3 hours
  Total: 15 hours



Second Semester

††SW 4973 Integrative Field Seminar                           3 hours
††SW 4983 Internship 9 hours
  Total: 12 hours


Total semester hours required 120

Southeastern 101 is not required of transfer or readmitted Southeastern students with 30 hours or more. Those students will replace Southeastern 101 with 2 hours of electives.

All courses with a Social Work prefix (required or electives) are used in the calculation of the major field average.

GGeneral Education Courses

††Major course; grade of "C" or better required.
1Students may utilize electives for Child Welfare grant requirements.
2Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Geography except 309, and Family and Consumer Science.
3Students may not schedule SW 497 and SW 498 until completion of all curricula requirements and prior social work courses have been completed. They must also have a minimum adjusted grade point average of 2.5.
4Courses needed prior to acceptance into Professional Standing. Social Work 203 and Social Work 204, Social Work 204 and Sociology 212, Social Work 203 and GBIO 107, and Social Work 204 and GBIO 107 may be concurrent registration.