The University Library, named in memory of the institution’s first president, is a modular four-story building of approximately 138,000 square feet. The building, occupied in 1986, is located near the center of campus.


The Library contains a collection of more than 505,000 print and electronic volumes and provides access to over 101,000 print and electronic journals and newspapers. Sims Memorial is a partial depository for federal government publications. The Library participates in a state-wide network providing access to the online catalogs of 45 academic libraries within Louisiana and to other electronic databases and catalogs. Sims participates in the LALINC reciprocal borrowing program, which extends borrowing privileges to Southeastern faculty and graduate students at participating universities throughout the state, and in the LALINC Online Learning agreement which ensures library services to students enrolled in Online Learning classes.


Both traditional library services and state-of-the-art information technology, including electronic resources which may be searched remotely, are provided by Sims Library. Service to off-campus students is provided through the Library’s Reference Department. Formal and informal instruction in library research skills is provided by professional librarians. The Library, open 80 hours a week, seeks to provide a safe environment conducive to research and study while also providing a culturally-rich environment to enhance the Southeastern experience. Group and private study areas are available throughout the Library. Exhibits, lectures, readings, and presentations are regularly scheduled in open areas of the Library. The Library houses a computer lab, the Archives and Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies, a mathematics lab, a practice presentation studio and a coffee shop.


Sims Library also provides an on-site collection to support the research needs of the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station.


Graduate Students--A fee of $25 per copy is charged for the binding of the master’s thesis/dissertation. The student is required to purchase a maximum of 2 bound copies for the University library. The student is allowed to purchase additional bound copies up to a  maximum of five. Individuals wishing to have more than five copies bound may work with the bindery directly.


For more information about the Linus A. Sims Memorial Library, visit their website.