Policy for Official Communication by Email

Southeastern will use the university-provided e-mail accounts for addressee-specific official university communications to and among faculty, staff and students. Such e-mail would include individually-addressed messages about university business-related issues, as well as "group mail" messages such as payroll advice notices, registration appointments, notices of registration holds, etc. Requests to substitute non-Southeastern e-mail addresses for purposes of official communications will not be honored.


Computer Policies

The university's computer policies for the general use of computing equipment and facilities and for World Wide Web publishing are posted on the university's website. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff and students to be familiar with the policies and to abide by them.

Southeastern Louisiana University's World Wide Web home page is an official publication of Southeastern Louisiana University. Unless otherwise indicated, information contained on official university pages may be freely used for non-commercial purposes under the condition that the source of the information be properly acknowledged. Text and graphics appearing on official pages that are the exclusive property of Southeastern Louisiana University will be duly noted and should not be reproduced without written permission.