This catalog, issued in the summer of each year, is intended to give such a description of the work of the University and such a digest of its rules as are needed by the students. By the end of the academic year, a new catalog will have been issued superseding all previous catalogs. The catalog year will begin on June 1st each year.


Student Responsibility

All colleges and universities establish certain requirements which must be met before a degree is granted. These requirements concern courses, majors, minors (if needed), grades, grade point average(s), senior residency, and other stipulations with which the student must comply. Advisors, department heads, and academic deans will help a student meet these requirements, but the student is responsible for fulfilling them. It is the student's responsibility to schedule needed courses, complete prerequisites where necessary, and plan ahead so that all requirements will be fulfilled. Upon the completion of required course work, personnel of the University will determine whether or not the student has met the requirements for a degree. If the requirements have not been met, the degree will be refused until such time as they have been completed. For this reason, it is important for each student to become acquainted with the degree requirements and to remain informed of subsequent changes.

Also, it is necessary in the general administration of a university to establish broad policies and to lay down certain regulations and procedures by which they may be carried out. It is important that a student understand the policies and know the regulations and procedures which must be followed.

This catalog is presented, therefore, not only to enable prospective students and others to learn about Southeastern Louisiana University, but to state policies, requirements, regulations, and procedures in such form as will be helpful to the student. Students must abide by the current catalog for all University rules, regulations and policies.


The University Year

The University year is divided into three semesters: summer, fall, and spring. The summer semester begins approximately the first week in June and is completed approximately the last week of July. The fall semester begins approximately the last week of August and is completed approximately the second week in December. The spring semester begins approximately the third week of January and is completed approximately the second week of May. See the University Academic Calendar.


Admission to the University

The University administers all admission programs in compliance with policies established by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors and Louisiana's Board of Regents. The University reserves the right to deny admissions in instances which would be detrimental to the student or which would interfere with the capacity of other students to benefit from the educational experience. The Admissions and Readmissions Committee has the authority and responsibility to review any question pertaining to admission and readmission.

All undergraduate applicants entering through any type of application for admission or readmission must submit the application and non-refundable application fee online via the application portal based on the following schedule.


Apply by May 1 $20 application fee
Apply between May 1 - May 15 $20 application fee + $50 late fee
No applications accepted for Summer after May 15



Apply by July 15 $20 application fee
Apply between July 15 - August 1 $20 application fee + $50 late fee
No applications accepted for Fall after August 1



Apply by December 1 $20 application fee
Apply between December 1 - December 15 $20 application fee + $50 late fee
No applications accepted for Spring after December 15

Graduate applications may meet earlier deadlines. See the individual department websites for Graduate Program dates. International students must also meet earlier deadlines. See the International Student section of this catalog for specific dates.

Applicants who file early will receive information regarding early registration and orientation options. All application inquiries should be directed to: Office of Admissions, SLU 10752, Hammond, LA 70402, or


Definitions of Entry Status

Beginning Freshman – Applicant who has never attended any college or university after completing high school requirements and who has earned 0-29 college/university credit hours.

Transfer Student – Applicant who has attended one or more colleges or universities, other than Southeastern, after completing high school requirements.

Readmission Student – Applicant who has previously attended Southeastern after high school graduation.

Graduate Student – Applicant seeking admission to graduate studies as a new, readmission or transfer graduate student (See section on Graduate Studies).

Guest Student – Applicant seeking admission for one semester only with the intention of returning to his/her "home" institution.

For more information about Admission Criteria, see the following links: