Curriculum in Engineering Technology

Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Construction Engineering Technology Concentration

(see footnotes at bottom)


First Semester

††ET 100 Introduction to Engineering Technology 3 hours
††ET 132 Construction Materials and Methods 3 hours
††MATH 175G Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry 5 hours
ENGL 101G Freshman Composition 3 hours
SE 101 Freshman Academic Success at Southeastern 2 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††ET 111 Engineering Graphics 3 hours
††ET 231 Surveying I 3 hours
ENGL 102G Critical Reading and Writing                           3 hours
††MATH 200G Calculus I 5 hours

Music, or 
Art, or
Theatre, or

  3 hours
  Total: 17 hours



First Semester

††ET 241 Electrical Circuits 3 hours
††ET 244 Surveying II 3 hours
††OSHE 111 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health,
and Environment
 3 hours 
COMM 211G Introduction to Public Speaking 3 hours
PHYS 191G General Physics 3 hours
PLAB 193 General Physics Laboratory 1 hour
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††ET 213 Electrical Circuits 3 hours
††ET 271 Engineering Statics 3 hours
††ET 331 Commercial Construction Estimating I                3 hours
ENGL 230 or
ENGL 231 or
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
GBIO 151G General Biology I 3 hours
BIOL 152 General Biology Laboratory I 1 hour
    16 hours




First Semester

††ET 202 Computer Applications 3 hours
††ET 332 Commercial Construction Estimating II 3 hours
††ET 334 Reinforced Concrete Design 3 hours
††IT 407 Six Sigma Industrial Quality 3 hours
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I for Science Majors 3 hours
  Total: 15 hours


Second Semester

††ET 336 Steel Design 3 hours
††ET 492 Project Management 3 hours
HIST 101 or
HIST 102 or
HIST 201 or
Western Civilization to 1500
Western Civilization since 1500
American History to 1877
American History since 1877
3 hours
PHYS 192G General Physics 3 hours
PLAB 194 General Physics Laboratory 1 hour
ECON 201 or
Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)
Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)
3 hours
  Total: 16 hours




First Semester

††ET 448 Robotics and Automation 3 hours
††ET 493 Senior Design I 3 hours
Elective I2
  3 hours
ENGL 322 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing 3 hours
  3 hours
  Total: 15 hours


Second Semester

††ET 441 Construction Planning and Scheduling 3 hours
††ET 443 Foundation and Soil Mechanics 3 hours
††ET 490 Seminar  1 hour
††ET 494 Senior Design II                                        3 hours
Elective II2
  3 hours
  Total: 13 hours


Total semester hours required 124

Southeastern 101 is not required of transfer or readmitted Southeastern students with 30 hours or more. Those students will replace Southeastern 101 with 2 hours of electives.

GGeneral Education Courses

††A grade of "C" or better is required in all major courses; and overall GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate.
1Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Criminal Justice or Political Science.
2Technical electives should be selected by students in consultation with their advisor.