Dale Newkirk, Department Head


Areas of Emphasis and Areas of Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Art degree offers areas of concentration and areas of emphasis-each supervised by a specific faculty member. All Visual Art + Design students are required to take (at minimum) a series of four studio courses beyond the required foundation core within one area of emphasis (including Senior Projects).

Concentrations are more extensive studies in a specific area and are designed to give students the opportunity for greater depth and breadth of knowledge within one area of study. Requirements for individual concentrations are listed in the following pages of this catalog. Students should meet with the designated faculty member/s for advising and guidance within their area of interest.

Students are required to pass Art 299 (Sophomore Review) prior to declaring an area of emphasis or concentration.


Art Minors

A minor program in Art consists of twenty-one semester hours.

ART 105 3 hours
ART 106 3 hours
ART 111 3 hours
ART 112 3 hours
ART 151 3 hours
ART 152 3 hours
ART 115, 117, 122, 153, 161, 190, 231, 281, or 443 3 hours


A minor program in Art History consists of eighteen semester hours with two introductory courses and four advanced courses.

ART 105 and 106 6 hours


One advanced course from each of the following:

ART History 300 level 6 hours
ART History 400 level 6 hours


A minor program in Graphic Design consists of twenty-four semester hours.

ART 111 3 hours
ART 122 3 hours
ART 151 3 hours
ART 152 3 hours
ART 161 3 hours
ART 261 3 hours
ART 361 3 hours
ART 461                                            3 hours


A minor in New Media Animation consists of twenty-four semester hours.

ART 111 3 hours
ART 122 3 hours
ART 151 3 hours
ART 152 3 hours
ART 190 3 hours
ART 200 3 hours
ART 390, 393, 394, 396, 397, or 493 6 hours


A minor in Photography consists of eighteen semester hours.

ART 122 3 hours
ART 124 3 hours
ART 220 3 hours
ART 322 3 hours
ART 347 3 hours
ART 117, 190, 218, 300, 321, 394, or 397 3 hours


A minor in Printmaking consists of twenty-four semester hours.

ART 111 3 hours
ART 122 3 hours
ART 151 3 hours
ART 152 3 hours
ART 117 3 hours
ART 217 or 218 3 hours
ART 317, 318, or 319                         3 hours
ART 417 3 hours


For all minors programs, a minimum of 15 semester hours in Art must be taken at Southeastern. It is recommended that students selecting Graphic Design as a minor begin in the Graphic Design sequence, ART 161, in the Fall of their sophomore year.


Honors Diploma in the Discipline

For information on earning Sophomore Honors Distinction, Senior Honors Distinction, or the Honors Diploma, please consult The University Honors Program section of this catalog, the Director of the Honors Program, and/or your Department Head. 


Minor in Theatre

Students may acquire a minor in Theatre by completing 21 hours as follows: THEA 131, 231, 234, 333 or 337, 431,432 and three hours of Theatre labs (TLAB).


Concentration in Art Education

Students seeking a Concentration in Art Education are required to become competent in studio art and art history as well as acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a proficient art teacher. The student will be prepared to teach art in elementary and secondary schools, recreational programs, parks, camps, and other special educational situations.


The Concentration in Art Education consists of fifty-four semester hours of course work in Visual Art + Design. Students must meet the following guidelines to graduate:

  1. A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required of art education students in all art courses.
  2. All sophomores must participate in Art 299 Sophomore Review. The review will take place in the semester following completion of 45 curriculum hours.