Southeastern Louisiana University has established a specific policy that governs the use and abuse of the University's computer resources. Students granted access to the University's computing facilities are required to abide by the established policy for computer use. A copy of the entire policy may be obtained on the University's website or by contacting the Help Desk.

The Computer Use Policy is a comprehensive policy dealing with all aspects of computer use and abuse, whether physical or logical. It applies to all university computing facilities including mainframes, minicomputers, microcomputers, and associated equipment and links, as well as software, whether developed by Southeastern or purchased. If abuse, actual or threatened, is suspected or detected, the matter will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency or university authority for disciplinary action. Confirmed abuse can result in criminal prosecution, dismissal, loss of computer use privilege and other such remedies as provided by established laws and policies of the university.

In general, abuse is defined as any improper use or treatment of computing facilities including, but not limited to: acts which, by mischief or carelessness, result in damage, defacement, or destruction of computing equipment; theft; unauthorized access or use; unauthorized alteration, substitution, or deletion of programs, command files, data files, documentation, or other material; wiretapping or any form of unauthorized signal interception; divulgence of confidential information or computer access methods to unauthorized persons; copyright or patent infringement; transmitting obscenities or libelous statements through or with computer systems; failure to safeguard computer systems in both their physical and logical aspects; and failure to notify management or security personnel of instances of abuse, either actual or threatened. The detailed and exact definition is specified in the university-published Computer Use Policy.