President - John L. Crain, Ph.D.

     Executive Assistant - Ranetta Marshall

EEO/ADA Office

     EEO/ADA Compliance Officer - Gene Pregeant, J.D.

Office of Public and Governmental Affairs

     Executive Director of Public and Governmental Affairs - (Vacant)

Internal Audit

     Director, Internal Audit - Chibuike "UK" Azuoru, M.B.A., C.P.A

Chief Compliance Officer

     Justin Bice, B.S.

Intercollegiate Athletics

     Director, Athletics - Christopher "Jay" Artigues, M.S.

Assistant AD for Business Operations - Bailey Scelfo, M.A.

Senior Associate AD for Internal Operations - Andrew Bechac, M.S.

          Assistant AD for Academic Support Services - Austin Knight, M.A.

          Assistant AD for Sports Information - Kemmler Chapple, B.A.

          Assistant AD for Student Services - Vacant

          Baseball - J. Matthew Riser, B.S. Head Coach

          Basketball (Men)  - David Kiefer, M.B.A., Head Coach

          Basketball (Women) - Ayla Guzzardo, M.S.E., Head Coach

          Football - Frank Scelfo, M.Ed., Head Coach

          Golf  - Vacant

          Soccer  - Nathan Gillespie, M.S., Head Coach

          Softball - Richard "Rick" P. Fremin, III, M.S., Head Coach

          Sports Performance  - Kyle Vagher, B.S. , Director

          Tennis Coach - Jason Hayes, B.S., Head Coach

          Track and Field/Cross Country - Vacant

          Volleyball - Jeremy White, M.S., Head Coach

Economic and Business Development

     Director - William Joubert, Ph.D. 

Office of Technology

     Chief Information Office, Mike Asoodeh, Ph.D.

          Client Connectivity Services - Ray DeJean, M.S., Deputy CIO for Computing Systems & Security

          Client Services Help Desk Manager - Becki Starkey, M.B.A., Help Desk Manager

          ERP Team - Susan H. LeBlanc, M.B.A.,  ERP Team Leader 

          Solutions Team - Greg Calamia, M.S., Application Security Administrator


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Tena L. Golding, Ph.D.

Chief Enrollment Management Officer - A. Kay Maurin, Ph.D.

        Admissions - Anthony M. Ranatza, M.Ed., M.B.A., Director

        Financial Aid - Mandy Hoffman, M.S., Director

        Military and Veteran Success - Matthew Watkins, M.S. , Director

 Registrar, Aime Anderson, M.S., Registrar

Systems and Communication Services - VACANT

Chief Student Success Officer - Lorett Swank, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Academic Programs - Jeffrey Temple, Ph.D.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

     Dean - Karen A. Fontenot, Ph.D.

          Assistant Dean - James B. Worthen, Ph.D.

          Communication and Media Studies - James O'Connor, Ph.D., Department Head

KSLU Radio - Vacant, Interim General Manager

The Southeastern Channel - Rick Settoon, M.A., Station Manager

          English - David C. Hanson, Ph.D., Department Head

          FANFARE/Columbia Theatre - James Winter, M.F.A., Artistic Director

          General Studies Program - Rebecca Hite, M.A., Director

          History & Political Science - William B. Robison, Ph.D., Department Head

          KSLU Radio - Deborah Wickham, B.A. Interim, General Manager

          Music and Performing Arts -Jeffrey Wright, Ph.D., Department Head

          Psychology - Vacant, Department Head

          Sociology & Criminal Justice - Kenneth H. Bolton Jr., Ph.D., Department Head 

          Visual Art + Design - Dale Newkirk, M.F.A., Department Head

          World Languages and Cultures - Lucia Harrison, Ph.D., Department Head

College of Business

     Dean - Tara' Lopez, Ph.D

          Assistant Dean - Jay Johnson, Ph. D.

          Accounting & Finance - Robert Braun, Ph.D., Department Head

          Management & Business Admin - Russell McKenzie, Ph.D., Interim, Department Head

          Marketing & Supply Chain Management - Jose Noguera, Ph.D., Department Head

          MBA Program - Yun-Chen Morgan, Ph.D., Director

          EMBA Program - John Cresson, Ph.D., Director

College of Education

     Dean - Paula Summers Calderon, Ph.D.

          Assistant Dean - (Vacant)

          Educational Leadership & Technology - Thomas DeVaney, Ph.D. Department Head

          Teaching & Learning - Vacant,  Department Head

          Laboratory School - Stephen Labbe, M.Ed., Director 

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

     Dean - Ann Carruth, D.N.S., R.N.

          Assistant Dean - Eileen Creel,  D.N.S.

          Health & Human Sciences - Jacqueline Guendouzi, Ph.D., Department Head 

          Kinesiology & Health Studies - Charity Bryan, Ph.D., Department Head

          School of Nursing - Kenneth Tillman, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N., Department Head

          University Health Center - Andrea Peevy, M.S.N., ANP,  Director

College of Science and Technology

     Dean - Daniel McCarthy, Ph.D.

          Assistant Dean - Brian Crother, Ph.D.

   Engineer for Academic Equipment Services - Jesse Hatchett, B.S.

          Biological Sciences - Justin Anderson, Ph. D., Department Head

          Chemistry & Physics - Patrick Moyer, Ph.D., Department Head

          Computer Science  - John Burris, Ph.D., Department Head

          Industrial and Engineering Technology - Mohammad Saadeh, Ph.D., Department Head

          Mathematics - Timothy Hudson, Ph.D., Department Head

          Turtle Cove Research Station - Robert Moreau, Ph.D., Manager

Assessment and Accreditation - Alexandra Anderson, Ph.D., Director

Center for Faculty Excellence - Mary Ballard, Ph.D., Director

Center for Student Excellence - Lorett Swank, Ph.D., Chief Student Success Officer

Graduate Studies and Institutional Effectiveness - John Boulahanis, Ph.D., Director

Honors Program - Claire Procopio, Ph.D., Director

Institutional Research - Michelle Hall, Ph.D, Director

Library - Janie Branham, M.L.S., Interim Director

Livingston Literacy & Technology Center - Krystal Hardison, M. Ed., Director

Sponsored Research & Programs - Cheryl Hall, J.D., Director

Study Abroad and Global Engagement Office - Lucia Harrison, Ph.D., Director

TRIO Programs - Duane Donald, Ph.D., Coordinator of Special Projects & TRIO


Vice President for Student Affairs - Eric J. Summers, Ph.D.

Dean of Students - Gabe Willis, Ph.D. 

     Recreational Sports & Wellness - Eric Aymond, M.A., Director

     Student Advocacy and Accountability - Curtis Meyers, M.Ed., Interim Director

     Student Engagement - Marjorie Parker, M.A., Director

     Student Publications - Vacant, Director

Transportation Services - Gary Prescott, B.A., Director

Career Services - Ken W. Ridgedell, M.B.A., Director

Student Accessibility Services - Kimberly Bergeron, M.Ed., Director

University Counseling Center - Peter Emerson, Ed.D., Director

University Police - Michael Beckner, B.S., Director


Vice President for University Advancement -

Wendy Johns Lauderdale, M.A.

Foundation Gift History - Michelle Speaser, B.S., C.P.A.,  Affiliate Accounting/Gift History

Alumni Services - Michelle Biggs, B.A., Executive Director 

University Marketing and Communications - Robert Rivault, M.B.A., M.Ed., Director


Vice President for Administration and Finance -

Sam Domiano Jr., M.B.A., C.P.A.

 Assistant Vice President for Operation - Vacant          

Auxiliary Services - Connie Davis, M.B.A., Director

                       Campus Card Operations - Pamela Hoover, B.A., Director

                        Document Source - Chester Winburn, B.S., Director

                        Event and Conference Services -   Vacant       

                                   Student Union - Calyn Landaiche, M.A., Interim Director

                                   University Center - Scott Nunez, M.B.A., Director

                        Marketing and Strategic Initiatives - Robin Parker, M.B.A., Director

                        University Housing - Christopher Asprion, M.S., Director

           Budget Office - Vacant

    Environmental Health and Safety - Jeremy Brignac, M.S., Director

Assistant Vice President of Systems - Judy K. Bowles, M.B.A., C.P.A.

Assistant Vice President for Finance - John Paul Domiano, B.S., C.P.A.

            Controller - Khalli Hagan, M.B.A., C.P.A., Controller

             Purchasing and Property Control  - Richard Himber, M.B.A, Director

Facility Planning - Ken Howe, B.A., Director

Human Resources - Tara Dupre, M.S., Director

Physical Plant and Services - Byron Patterson, M.S., Director