Housing and Living Accommodations

Off-Campus Housing Permission

All unmarried, full-time undergraduate students with less than 60 hours, regardless of age or whether or not they have been emancipated, are required to live in on-campus residence halls as long as space is available.

Students who are residing with parents, legal guardians, close relatives (defined as grandparents, married brother, married sister), or hardship cases as established by the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System may be exempt from the on-campus residency requirement. Exemption information and claim forms may be obtained from the Dean of Students' Office. Students found violating the policy as stated above will be required to move into the residence hall system and pay room rent plus an administrative fee for the semester in which the violation occurred. Refusal to do so will result in disciplinary action.

To be considered for exemption from the on-campus residency requirements, students must complete the appropriate application form. Forms must be submitted at least 25 days prior to the first day of registration for a semester in order to ensure full consideration. Action taken on applications received on time will be mailed no later than five days prior to the first day of registration for the semester. Forms are available in the Dean of Students' Office.

When a student is granted permission to reside off-campus, the University assumes no responsibility for the living arrangements and supervision of that student.


University Residence Halls

The University provides living accommodations for approximately 2,700 students in campus residence halls, apartments, and organizational housing. Continuous efforts are made to provide educational, social, and cultural advantages as part of the experience in group living for hall residents. The use of any forms of tobacco are prohibited on campus, including all residential facilities. First time Southeastern students must be fully admitted to the university prior to being accepted for University Housing. All continuing Southeastern students must have a 2.0 overall GPA or a 2.0 on 12 hours or more from the previous semester to remain in housing or apply to live in a  residence hall or organizational house. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for returning students to live in any of the three honors halls. In order to live in campus apartments, a student must have a minimum 2.3 GPA and at least 30 earned credit hours.

Students who live in the Southeastern Louisiana University residence halls are required to purchase a full meal plan. When a plan is chosen, the student agrees to abide by their choice for the full semester. If a resident student fails to select a meal plan during the registration process, the default meal plan will automatically be selected for him/her. Cub Cash (declining balance dollars) may be added at any time in increments of $25. Cub Cash rolls over from Fall to Spring semesters only. Unused Cub Cash at the end of the Spring semester will be forfeited.  Meal swipes expire each semester.  Prices are subject to change if conditions make it necessary.  Only students with meal plans and students purchasing meals on an individual meal basis will be admitted to the cafeteria (Mane Dish). All purchases made on the student’s account must be made by the individual whose name appears on the account.

Meal plans are non-transferable. Any student permitting someone to use their meal plan and/or borrowing another student's ID is subject to disciplinary action.

The administration of the residence halls is based on the premise that students are endeavoring to do their best, observing the democratic principles of consideration of others, so that students may pursue their chosen courses of instruction in a manner which will be both to their credit and to that of the University. Students who fail to comply with all residence hall regulations are subject to disciplinary action. University Housing has a zero tolerance policy for harmful or disruptive behavior in and around the residential communities. Drugs, weapons, vandalism, fighting, alcohol and other serious behavior not conducive to the educational mission of the university and residential community will not be tolerated. Students in violation may be immediately removed from the residence hall and will receive no refunds.

Laws, regulations, and rules represent best efforts to create a livable society and to induce socially acceptable behavior. Students at Southeastern Louisiana University are expected to be mature, law abiding, and responsible in their general behavior. Accordingly, they are expected to obey national, state, and local laws; respect the rights and privileges of others; be forthright and honest in all their social and academic conduct, and in general, conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to themselves and the University.

In addition to national, state, and local laws, students are expected to obey University regulations. These regulations clearly state what students must do and some specific things that students must not do if they wish to remain associated with the institution.

The University does not attempt to define every forbidden action by formal rules. In situations not covered by specific regulations, a student should use common sense and be sure that their conduct is at all times consistent with that expected of a mature, responsible individual who has high ethical standards.

In order to meet emergency situations, make routine maintenance inspections, maintain minimum health and safety standards, and to enforce University regulations, the University or their agent reserves the right to enter students' rooms.


Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community is a purposeful residential environment for students who share common academic, cultural, or social interests. Each community varies in organization, goals, and curriculum. University Housing, in partnership with several academic affairs units, offers both living-learning communities in Ascension Hall for students enrolled in the Honors Program and Twelve Oaks Hall for beginning freshmen majoring in any degree program within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The building for the LLC housing students majoring in Chemistry & Physics, Computer Science, and Industrial and Engineering Technology is to be determined.  In these communities, students live together and participate in shared courses, special events, and service projects as a group.  We also offer 24-hour quiet hours community on two floors in Louisiana and Livingston Halls. Greek Village for students already in Greek Life and Village M for students interested in pursuing Sorority Life. Applicants interested in experiencing a Living-Learning Community or themed housing should select the corresponding hall when listing hall preferences on the University housing application.


Application for Rooms in University Housing Facilities

Only regular enrolled, full-time, unmarried students are eligible to live on campus without special permission. Students not enrolled as full-time may be granted special permission from the Director of University Housing to reside on campus.

With the exception of new freshmen, residents are required to have a 2.0 overall GPA at the time of application to the residence halls and organizational housing. All residents must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA to remain in the residence halls and organizational housing. Apartment residents must have a 2.3 overall GPA and sophomore standing at the time of application, and must retain 2.3 overall GPA to remain in Southeastern Oaks Apartments.  Students who do not meet these criteria may file an appeal with the University Housing Academic Standards Committee.

The housing application portal can be found at by selecting the  “Apply Now” link. Applications for University Housing must be submitted via this portal and must be accompanied by the processing fee ($100) and room prepayment ($300). The processing fee increases to $150 if not submitted by posted deadlines. Students must be considered fully admitted to the University in order to access and complete the application. Students submitting a housing room application agree to live in housing and are responsible for all housing and meal charges through May commencement, unless only applying for summer semester housing. Please contact University Housing for details regarding Organizational Housing agreement terms.


Claiming University Housing Assignments

Southeastern Louisiana University does not guarantee assignment to a particular type of accommodation. Assignment to rooms in the residence hall will be made in accordance with the established policy for priorities and on the basis of available housing space. Room assignment is contingent upon final acceptance for admission. Organizational house room assignments are made by University Housing in conjunction with each organization's House Manager. Rooms are to be occupied only by the students to whom the rooms are assigned. Rooms may not be sublet to another person. Applicants are advised to apply early. Building and room assignments are based on; acceptance to the university, date of Housing application, and all fees and prepayment received. The university reserves the right to change the room assignment of any student, to deny residence to any student, or dismiss a student from a residence hall at any time such action is deemed necessary for the best interest of the residence hall system and/or its residents.


Dining Services

Southeastern Louisiana University has a continuing commitment to offer quality dining programs and facilities that reflect the lifestyles of today's college student. Our campus dining program provides a unique combination of specialty restaurants offering a variety of food choices. Two types of restaurants are featured in Dining Services: 1) The Mane Dish is an all-you-care-to-eat dining facility with entrées prepared in front of customers; 2) The Lion's Den is a food court which is host to retailers such as Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Taco Bell, Mooyah, the Union Market featuring grab 'n go options and more. We also offer other retail locations including Starbuck's, Pizza Hut, Subway Café, and Java City Internet Café. In addition to the many restaurant options, we also offer five full-service convenience stores on campus. Mane Market is located in Louisiana Hall, Mane Market Too is located in Garrett Hall, Union Market is located in the Lion’s Den Food Court, Mane Market North is located on North Campus, and The Marketplace is located in the Student Union East wing next to Pizza Hut.


Meal Plans
Southeastern Louisiana University has a mandatory meal plan policy for resident students.

The Cub Plan: Provides 150 all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in The Mane Dish. Cub Cash (declining balance dollars) is included with this meal plan. This plan also includes 10 Guest Passes that can be used each semester. This is the default plan if a student does not choose a meal plan during registration.

The Gold Plan: Provides TEN (10) all-you-care-to-eat meals per week in The Mane Dish. Cub Cash (declining balance dollars) is included with this meal plan.

All Access 7: Provides unlimited all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in The Mane Dish and Cub Cash (declining balance dollars). This plan also includes one (1) Guest Pass that can be used each week.

All Access 7 Upgrade: Same as All Access 7 but with additional Cub Cash (declining balance dollars).

Commuter 300: Gives commuter students and Southeastern Oaks residents access to any of the campus dining locations at any time. The commuter meal plan is all Cub Cash (declining balance dollars).

Pack 48: For commuter students and Southeastern Oaks residents. It provides forty-eight (48) all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in the Mane Dish and Cub Cash (declining balance dollars).

Pack 18: For commuter students and Southeastern Oaks residents. It provides eighteen (18) all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in the Mane Dish and Cub Cash (declining balance dollars).

Pack 30 + Home Chef: For commuter students and Southeastern Oaks residents. It provides thirty (30) all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in the Mane Dish, Cub Cash (declining balance dollars), and a $120 Home Chef Voucher.

Organizational Plan 1: This meal plan is available only to students living in Organizational Housing. Organizational Plan 1 is 100 percent Cub Cash and can be used at any campus dining facility, including the six (6) on-campus convenience stores.

Organizational Plan 2: This meal plan is available only to students living in Organizational Housing. Organizational Plan 2 provides a set number of all-you-care-to-eat meals per week in The Mane Dish. Cub Cash is also included with this meal plan.

All students have until the Fee Payment Deadline to make meal plan changes in LeoNet or by the second week of classes through the Dining Office located on the first floor of the Student Union. Requests can also be made via phone at (985) 549-2286.

To find out more about Cub Cash (declining balance) amounts or to purchase additional declining balance dollars, please visit the Dining Services office located on the first floor of the Student Union or call us at 985-549-2286. Visit for additional details regarding meal plans.


Campus Dining Services Locations

  1. The Mane Dish– is the primary residential dining facility available to commuters, faculty, staff and guests as well, featuring an all-you-care-to-eat menu with food prepared custom ordered in front of consumers. Numerous choices range from a salad bar, home-style entrées, burgers, deli sandwiches, and fresh pasta dishes, to name a few.
  2. Lion's Den– a food court that features Chic-fil-A, Panda Express, Taco Bell, Mooyah and the Union Market featuring grab 'n go items. The Lion's Den also provides other food choices including sushi, snacks and more.
  3. Pizza Hut – located in the Student Union East area. Pizza Hut features customizable pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, chicken wings, and breakfast biscuits.
  4. Subway Café – featuring famous Subway subs, Subway Café also offers salads, pizza, Seattle’s Best coffee and pastries. Located in Tinsley Annex.
  5. Starbuck’s – full-service location featuring Starbuck’s coffee, muffins, bagels, and more. Located in the Student Union.
  6. Java City Internet Café – a retail location in the library featuring designer coffee, pastries, and more.
  7. Mane Market – convenience store located in Louisiana Hall featuring snacks, drinks, fresh grab-n-go items and basic convenience store items.
  8. Mane Market Too – convenience store in Garrett Hall featuring fresh grab-n-go salads and sandwiches snacks, drinks and more.
  9. Mane Market North – convenience store kiosk in North Campus Main Building featuring fresh grab-n-go salads, sandwiches, and sushi, in addition to Starbuck’s self-serve coffee, snacks, drinks and more.
  10. The Marketplace – convenience store located next to Pizza Hut featuring fresh produce, customizable deli options, smoothies, snacks, fresh grab-n-go items and more.
  11. Ascension Market – convenience store with late hours located in Ascension Hall featuring grab-n-go salads, salads, hot items, snacks, drinks, and more.
  12. Union Market – convenience store located in The Lion’s Den Food Court featuring fresh grab-n-go salads, sandwiches, and sushi, in addition to snacks, drinks, and more.

Once a student selects their meal plan during registration, the entire amount must be paid by fee payment deadline. All meals can then be purchased by presenting the Southeastern ID card. 


Campus Card Operations

Every student enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University must have a Student ID card and must carry the ID at all times. A government issued photo ID (ex. Driver’s license, passport) is required when having an original Student ID card made (no exceptions). It is mandatory for a student to pay the non-refundable validation fee each semester the student is enrolled. 

The Student ID card is used to access the Lion’s Lagniappe Account. This is a campus-wide account established to reduce the need to carry cash while on campus. It is also accepted at select merchants throughout the Hammond area. The Lion’s Lagniappe account can be established by selecting an amount during registration through the student’s LEONet account  via cash deposit into one of the five (5) Lion’s Lagniappe Value Terminals (located in the Student Union, Sims Memorial Library, Louisiana Hall, Greek Village and the Campus Card Operations office) or online using GET via the Campus Card Operations website or the GET Mobile free app. Lion’s Lagniappe can be added after registration at the Controller’s Office or using GET online or mobile or the cash to card Lion's Lagniappe Value Terminals. 

Lion’s Lagniappe funds will rollover from semester to semester as long as the student is enrolled. Students may request a refund of Lion’s Lagniappe funds during the semester; however, a $10 processing charge will be assessed. Refunds of accounts, which were paid with Financial Aid funds, will be reimbursed to the financial institution. Lion’s Lagniappe balances will be credited upon separation from the university (i.e. graduation, resignation, etc.).

In addition to accessing Lion's Lagniappe, the Southeastern ID is used to access meal plans, door access, check out rental books and more. 

Lost or stolen University ID cards (student, faculty, staff) should be reported immediately to Campus Card Operations or the University Police Department. You may also report your card lost using your GET account. If you find your card, you can reactivate it in GET, unless you have already replaced the ID card with a new card. Once a card is reported lost to Campus Card Operations, it immediately becomes invalid. If a new card has been printed as a replacement, the previous card will no longer be valid and cannot be reactivated.

The cardholder assumes full responsibility for the safekeeping of the ID card. A $15 fee is assessed to replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID card.

The ID card is restricted to the person to whom it is issued. The card will be confiscated if it is used by anyone other than the person to whom it was issued. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action including possible dismissal.

The ID card is the property of Southeastern Louisiana University. It becomes invalid upon termination or interruption of enrollment. If the student re-enrolls in the university, the same ID card will be reactivated automatically, if within one year. A $15 fee will be assessed if a new ID card is required and the time does not exceed one academic year prior to re-enrollment.


Document Source Print and Mail Center

The Document Source is a full-service print/copy and mail center servicing Southeastern students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public. We offer professional quality services such as package shipping through USPS, FedEx, and UPS along with printing, copying, binding, finishing, and wide format banners and signs. Mail boxes can be rented by commuter students at a cost of $16 per semester (Fall and Spring) and $8 (Summer). Mail services are included in the on-campus resident amenity package. Residents should use the following address to receive mail and packages at The Document Source:

(Full Legal Name)
SLU BOX #10705
Hammond, LA 70402 

The Document Source is conveniently located in the Student Union next to Starbucks.  We support all campus and departmental mail operations by providing access to stamps, metered mail, envelope printing and stuffing, and bulk mail delivery. When you are ready for graduation let us print your personalized graduation announcement and mail them for you. We can also produce your wedding invites and birthday party invites.


Textbook Rental

Follett Higher Education Group has partnered with the University to manage its Textbook Rental System which issues textbooks on a student fee system at a per course charge. The charge is included on the student invoice and is refundable only upon resignation on or before the last day of final registration, or when a course is dropped and the book is returned by the end of final registration.

Students are required to return the book that was issued to them in good condition and undamaged. Lost, wet, mildewed or damaged books must be purchased. Students will receive notification from Textbook Rental if books are deemed damaged and charges will be posted to the student's account. Books not claimed within three (3) weeks of notification will be subject to disposal. All purchases of rental textbooks are final.

Students must present their Southeastern Student ID card to check out their books. Students are required to return the book(s) issued to them by the first business day following the last day of final exams. A book drop return is available to students during times that the Textbook Rental office is closed. The book drop box will automatically lock when filled.

All drop books will be checked in the next business day following the drop.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, a $7.50 per book fine will be assessed on books returned from the second business day through the fifth business day following final exams. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for Summer rental return deadlines.

Non-returned books will be charged at the full retail price.

Any student resigning from the university or withdrawing from any class must return all rental textbooks prior to leaving.

Books can be returned by mail but must be post-marked by the scheduled return deadlines or late/overdue charges will be applied.

Students do have the option of purchasing textbooks. Rental fees will be refunded for textbooks purchased from Southeastern Textbook Rental within the first three (3) weeks of classes.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Books such as manuals and workbooks, that are not available through Textbook Rental, may be purchased from the University Bookstore or any other source the student chooses.


Textbook Rental Appeals Policy

Students with overdue rental books have the opportunity to file an appeal if they have an extenuating circumstance which prevented them from returning the books by the deadline.  The deadline to file an appeal is the fourteenth (14th) day of class following the semester the book(s) were not returned. The appeals process includes the completion and submission of the online Textbook Rental Appeal Form found on the Textbook Rental Web site. The appeals process and form can be found in the Student Policies section of the Web site.

When completing the form, students must attach all pertinent information that will document clearly and concisely the extenuating circumstances resulting in the rental books not being returned by the posted deadlines (ex. medical records, military records, death certificate, etc.).

This online appeal is reviewed by the Textbook Rental Appeals Committee which is comprised of faculty, staff, and students. The committee meets at various times throughout each semester. Committee decisions are mailed to students as soon as the student’s case has been reviewed.

Overdue accounts are due at the Controller’s Office by the fee payment deadline. If an appeal is approved, the charges will be credited back to the student’s account.


University Bookstore

Follett Higher Education Group has partnered with Southeastern for the operation of the University Bookstore. The bookstore carries a complete line of Southeastern gifts and accessories, greeting cards, office supplies, backpacks, textbooks, academically priced software, general reading books and art supplies. 

The University Bookstore shall grant a full refund for textbooks returned during the first five (5) days of the fall and spring semester classes, with a receipt. Thereafter, a full refund is given through the twelfth (12th) class day with a receipt and a proof of withdrawal. A cash register receipt must accompany all refunds and returns.

  1. Returns may be made within five (5) class days of each summer session.
  2. Study guides, test preparations and manuals are non-refundable.
  3. Computer items and software may be refunded or exchanged within three (3) days from the date of sale, with the original receipt, providing the merchandise is unopened.
  4. All other merchandise may be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase with a receipt.
  5. New materials must be returned in original condition.
  6. Shrink-wrapped items may be returned for refund, if unopened.
  7. Refunds for textbooks are not allowed during the week prior to, or during finals.

Cap and gown purchases are available in the fall and spring. College rings may be ordered at any time.

Visit the bookstore Web site for store hours and any special sales and events throughout the school year at


Event and Conference Services

We want you to have a positive experience when booking your event on Southeastern's campus. From start to finish, an event coordinator will assist you with planning your event to ensure it is executed flawlessly.

        • Weddings
        • Professional Development Conferences/Meetings
        • Sports Camps
        • Cheer and Dance Camps
        • Seminars
        • Corporate and Community Events

We provide a full line of services to customize to your event’s needs.  For example, on-site catering and dining options can be incorporated into your even plans as well as security, lighting and reserved parking.  Overnight lodging is available during the Summer semester for the convenience of our camp guests.


Student Union

Part of the Department of Event and Conference Services, The War Memorial Student Union is the community center of the University. The Student Union provides services and conveniences to students, faculty, and staff during their daily life on campus.  Services available in the Student Union include the Mane Dish dining facility, the Lion’s Den Food court, the Game Room, an ATM machine, The Document Source Print and Mail Center, University Bookstore, Pizza Hut, Starbuck's, and The Marketplace. The Student Union also offers ballroom, conference and meeting room space.

The Student Union is home to the Center for Student Excellence, University Counseling Center, Health Center, Career Services, Auxiliary Services, Campus Activities Board, Campus Tours, Dean of Students, Enrollment Express, Honors/International Student Affairs, Student Engagement, Student Government Association, Lion’s Den Food Court, University Bookstore, meeting rooms and ballroom space.   


University Center

The University Center is a versatile facility situated on 11 acres on the north side of Southeastern's campus. The "UC," as it is known, serves as the home for Southeastern basketball and volleyball as well as camps, expos and local high school commencement ceremonies. Southeastern students will begin their college experience in the UC during welcome week and celebrate their achievements in this facility as they walk across the arena stage to receive their diploma from our University President.