Susan Coats, Department Head


The Department of Psychology attempts to foster, among all students, a grasp and appreciation of the scientific method in the study of behavior, and to stimulate interest in the field of Psychology. An undergraduate major and minor in Psychology are offered as preparation for either graduate study or careers in which the science of behavior is applicable.



The major program in Psychology requires 34 semester hours in courses normally offered by the Department of Psychology, including 101, 102, 220, 221, 222, 335; and six- 3 hour psychology electives. Students for whom there is any possibility of graduate study in Psychology are strongly advised to pursue Psychology 421 and 449.

Candidates for the bachelor's degree in Psychology must earn, at Southeastern, a minimum of 17 hours required in the major field.



A total of 18 semester hours is required for the minor in Psychology. These must include Psychology 101 and Psychology 102 and at least 6 semester hours at the 300- or 400-level.


Honors Diploma in the Discipline

For information on earning Sophomore Honors Distinction, Senior Honors Distinction, or the Honors Diploma, please consult The University Honors Program section of this catalog, the Director of the Honors Program, and/or your Department Head.