Index of Course Prefixes


Listed below are the course prefixes used by each college/department.


Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Nursing and Health Sciences
Business Science and Technology
Education Other


College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of English

     ENGL - English

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

     ART - Visual Arts

     DNC - Dance

     MUS - Music

     MUSA - Applied Music

     THEA - Theatre

     TLAB - Theatre Lab

Department of Languages and Communication

     COMM - Communication

     EGIS - English for International Students

     FLAN - Foreign Language

     FREN - French

     GERM - German

     ITAL - Italian

     LAT - Latin

     MYTH - Mythology

     SPAN - Spanish

Department of History and Political Science

     CRMP - Cultural Resource Management Program

     HIST - History

     PHIL - Philosophy

     POLI - Political Science

Department of Psychology

     PSYC - Psychology

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

     ANTH - Anthropology

     CJ - Criminal Justice

     GEOG - Geography

     SOC - Sociology

General Studies Program

     LT - Leadership Training

     CPL - Career Planning


College of Business

Department of Accounting and Finance

     ACCT - Accounting

     BLAW - Business Law

     FIN - Finance

Department of Management and Business Administration

     ECON - Economics

     GB - General Business

     GBBT - General Business Business Technology

     MGMT - Management

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

     MRKT - Marketing

     OMIS - Operations Management Information Systems


College of Education

Department of Teaching and Learning

     ECE - Early Childhood Education

     EDUC - Education

     EPSY - Educational Psychology

     IB - International Baccalaureate

     LSA - Library Science Administration

     LSED - Library Science Education

     MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching

     SPED - Special Education

Department of Educational Leadership and Technology

     EDF - Educational Foundations

     EDL - Educational Leadership

     ETEC - Educational Technology


College of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Department of Health and Human Sciences

     COUN - Counseling

     CSD - Communication Sciences and Disorders

     FCS - Family and Consumer Sciences

     HSM - Health Systems Management

     MCFC - Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling

     SAC - Substance Abuse Counseling

     SW - Social Work

Department of Kinesiology

     ATHT - Athletic Training

     ATLB - Athletic Training Lab

     HS - Health Studies

     KIN - Kinesiology

     KINL - Kinesiology Lab

Department of Nursing

     NLAB - Nursing Lab

     NURS - Nursing

Health Science Courses (Inter-disciplinary)

     HSCI - Health Sciences


College of Science and Technology 

Department of Biological Sciences

     BIOL - Biology Lab

     BOT - Botany

     BOTL - Botany Lab

     GBIO - General Biology

     HORT - Horticulture

     MIC - Microbiology

     MICL - Microbiology Lab

     ZOO - Zoology

     ZOOL - Zoology Lab

Department of Chemistry and Physics

     CHEM - Chemistry

     CLAB - Chemistry Lab

     ESSC - Earth and Space Science

     ESSL - Earth and Space Science Lab

     PHSC - Physical Science

     PHYS - Physics

     PLAB - Physics Lab

Department of Computer Science and Industrial Technology

     CMPS - Computer Science

     CTEC - Construction Technology

     DDT - Design Drafter Technology

     ET - Engineering Technology

     IT - Industrial Technology

     OSHE - Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment

     PTEC - Process Technology

Department of Mathematics

     MATH - Mathematics

     MTED - Mathematics Education

Integrated Science and Technology Program (Inter-disciplinary)

     ISAT - Integrated Science and Technology

     SC - Scientific Computation



Center for Student Excellence

     SE - Southeastern

Honors Program Courses

     HONR - Honors

Sims Memorial Library

     LS - Library Science