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Accuplacer (NG) Exam and Score Guides


Accuplacer is a computer-based test designed to assess an individual’s knowledge of subject areas. Southeastern administers two subject areas: Math and English. These exams are used to remove developmental requirements placed on a student based on ACT scores. The Accuplacer exam may not be used in place of the  ACT test that is required for Admission. The Accuplacer exam is not timed. Accuplacer exams are administered Monday through Thursday, by appointment in the Office of Testing. Students may not place out of developmental requirements if they have earned a final grade in the course (or its equivalent) at an accredited college or university. A non-refundable administrative fee of $10 is assessed for each exam.


ACT and Accuplacer (NG) Placement Score Guide for Mathematics

Course ACT Math Score Accuplacer NG
Quantitative Reasoning,
Algebra, Stats
Math 200 ≥ 28 N/A
Math 175 ≥ 25 N/A
Math 105 or
Math 161
≥ 21 N/A
Math 105 or
Math 151
19-20 OR ≥ 263
Math 105 ≥ 19 OR ≥ 250
Math 92/105 -
18 N/A
Cross-Enroll -
17 N/A
Cross-Enroll -
≤ 16 N/A


ACT and Accuplacer (NG) Placement Score Guide for English 

Course ACT English Score Accuplacer NG
Writing Score
English 200-300 Combined composite and English 
score of ≥ 65 and an advanced
standing exam
English 102 ≥ 29 N/A
English 101 ≥ 18 OR ≥ 250
English 93/101 - Co-Requisite 16-17 N/A
Cross-Enroll - NTCCENGL 99 15 N/A
Cross-Enroll - NTCCENGL 98 ≤ 14 N/A