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Credits through the College Level Examination Program Subject Examinations


An enrolled or entering student at Southeastern may gain credit in a number of courses by completing certain subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provided by Educational Testing Services and administered through the Office of Testing. CLEP examinations may be taken at Southeastern by appointment only. All tests are Computer Based, which allow for immediate test result(s) upon completion of testing. A non-refundable administrative fee is assessed for each exam.

Credit will be entered on a student's transcript upon receipt of an official score from ETS, provided the student achieves at or above the level score accepted by Southeastern. A grade of P will be given, and the course will not be computed in the student's average. Unsuccessful attempts shall not be recorded against the student.

Subject examinations, acceptable scores and credit hours currently approved for Southeastern courses are listed below:

CLEP Subject Exam Course and Number Acceptable Score Credit Hours
Financial Accounting ACCT 200 50 3
American Government POLI 201 50 3
American History I HIST 201 50 3
American History II HIST 202 50 3
American Literature ENGL 232 60 3
*Biology, General GBIO 106 and 107 50 6
College Algebra MATH 161 50 3
English Literature ENGL 231 60 3
College Composition ENGL 101 59 3
*General Chemistry CHEM 101 and 102 or CHEM 121 and 122  50
Information Systems and Computer Applications CMPS 110 50 
Introductory Sociology  SOC 101  50
Principles of Macroeconomics  ECON 201  50 
**Principles of Management  MGMT 351  50 
Principles of Marketing  MRKT 303  50
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 202 50 
Western Civilization I  HIST 101  50 
Western Civilization II  HIST 102  50 


*Subject examinations designed for two-semester courses
**Department Head approval required