University Catalogue

Curriculum in Industrial Technology
Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science
Drafting Design Concentration

(see footnotes at bottom)


First Semester

††IT 100 Introduction to Technology 3 hours
MATH 151/161G College Algebra with FundamentalsCollege Algebra 3 hours
ENGL 101 or
Freshman Composition
Freshman Composition Honors
3 hours
††IT 111 Engineering Drafting with Computer Assisted Design 3 hours
SE 101 Freshman Academic Success at Southeastern 2 hours
  Total: 14 hours


Second Semester

††IT 242 Materials and Processes 3 hours
MATH 162G Plane Trigonometry 3 hours
ENGL 102 or
Critical Reading and Writing
Critical Reading and Writing Honors
3 hours
CHEM 101G General Chemistry I 3 hours
CLAB 103 General Chemistry Laboratory I                                 1 hour
††DDT 113 Architectural Drafting 3 hours
  Total: 16 hours



First Semester

††DDT 211 Piping Drafting 3 hours
MATH 241 Elementary Statistics 3 hours
ENGL 230 or
ENGL 231 or
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
††IT 256 Principles and Metalurgy of Welding                         3 hours
††IT 112 Descriptive Geometry 3 hours
  Total: 15 hours


Second Semester

††IT 264 Industrial Fluid Power 3 hours
††CMPS 173 Software for Management of Data  3 hours
COMM 211G Introduction to Public Speaking 3 hours
ENGL 322 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing 3 hours
PHYS 191 General Physics 3 hours
PLAB 193 General Physics Laboratory 1 hour
  Total: 16 hours




First Semester

††IT 233 Introduction to Basic Electricity and Electronics 3 hours
††OSHE 111 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health,
and Environment
3 hours
††IT 351 Principles and Metallurgy of Welding 3 hours
††IT 215 3D Rendering using CAD Software 3 hours
  4 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††IT 333 Fundamentals of Mechanical Design 3 hours
††DDT 312 Advanced Machine Design Drafting 3 hours
ACCT 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 hours
††IT 405 Work Methods and Measurement 3 hours
HistoryG   3 hours
  Total: 15 hours




First Semester

  3 hours
††DDT 316 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting and Design     3 hours
Art2,G   3 hours
ECON 201G Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)  3 hours
  4 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††DDT 411 Industrial Design 3 hours
PSYC 101 or
SOC 101G
General Psychology I
Introductory Sociology
3 hours
††IT 406 Facilities Planning and Design               3 hours
MGMT 351 Principles of Management 3 hours
  Total: 12 hours


Total semester hours required 120

Southeastern 101 is not required of transfer or readmitted Southeastern students with 30 hours or more. Those students will replace Southeastern 101 with 2 hours of electives.

GGeneral Education Courses

††A "C" must be earned in all major courses.
1Select Chemistry 102/104 or Physics 192/194.
2Select one course in Art, Dance, Music or Theatre.
3Design Drafting electives should be selected by students in consultation with their advisors.