How Do I View Student's Test Scores?

  1. Sign In to PeopleSoft Version 9 using your first initial and last name as your User ID. Remember to use CAPS when entering your User ID.
  2. Access the Test Results page by selecting Records and Enrollment > Transfer Credit Evaluation > Academic Test Summary.
  3. Key the student’s University ID in to the ID field and click the Search button. If you do not know the student’s ID, you can also search by his or her name and by National ID. The Academic Test Summary page will display. To view all test scores, click the View All link at
    the top right hand corner of the results. 
  4. You may view another student's test scores by clicking the Return to Search button.
  5. Remember to sign out of PeopleSoft when you have finished your session.

Things to Remember

  • Do not include "W" when entering a student's university ID.