Publishing Pages

Approvers in OU Campus enjoy the same editing permissons as contributors, but more importantly, they are responsible for approving the work of the contributors assigned to their department's website. While approvers may publish their own work automatically, the work of contributors will not deploy to the live website until it is reviewed and accepted by an approver.

Below are instructions for how to approve or decline a contributor's work.

1. Navigate to your Workflow.

After logging in, if you are not already on the Workflow page, click on the Workflow link under the Dashboard tab.

From the Inbox tab of your workflow, you will see a list of any pages awaiting your approval.

Click the link under the Subject section to expand and review the pending changes. In the example below, the contributor has titled their message for approval as "Updates to About Page."


View workflow


NOTE: Within the Workflow Inbox, there are various clues to tell if you have already reviewed a contributor's page submission. In the example below, test 1 has been reviewed and approved. Test 2 has been reviewed, but it has neither been approved nor declined. It still awaits your action. Test 3 has yet to be reviewed.  


Workflow inbox example


2. Review the page's changes.

The contributor should have provided some brief detail of the changes they made to the page. Click the View Page button to preview the updated page.

Note: If you are unsure of the changes made by the contributor, you may compare the updated page to a previous version. To do so, click View Page and then click the compare button from the page action toolbar.


View the page pending approval


3. Accept or decline the changes.

If accept the changes made by the contributor, click the Publish Now button to proceed with publishing. 

Decline & Keep will check the page back into the system without publishing it and keep all of the changes in place. A separate message can be sent indicating any additional changes that may be desired.

Decline & Revert will check the page back into the system without publishing it and remove all changes, reverting the page back to its previous version, again allowing for a separate message to be sent with the reasoning.  


Publish the page


4. Publish the page.

Click the Publish button. This will immediately deploy the updated page to the Southeastern Website.




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