Transitioning from Collage

System and Browser Requirements

Users can access OU Campus on Mac or PC. The new web content management system supports a number of browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari.  

Direct Edit

OU Campus utilizes direct edit, which permits rapid access of editing functions. Unlike in Collage, users can now access editing tools directly from the page intended for edit. See the OU Campus: Getting Started Guide to learn how to quickly log into OU Campus for direct edting.   

Contributors and Approvers

In Collage, content contributors and content approvers had separate and distinguishable account permissions and functionalities within the system.

In OU Campus, approvers enjoy the same editing permissions as contributors, in addition to their ability to approve and publish content.

Streamlined Workflow

The approval process for Collage contributors involved creating new tasks which contained each page or file that had been created or modified.

OU Campus does not contain a task system. Instead, contributors send a page off for approval directly from the page's action toolbar. While approvers must now approve each page individually, the omission of Collage-style "bulk" approving prevents long delays in the approval process.

Additionally, uploaded images no longer have to be approved.

Instant Deployment

In Collage, new content did not go "live" immediately after a contributor's approval of a task. Rather, website changes did not take effect until one of the scheduled deploy times of the day.

In OU Campus, content will be published and deployed immediately after its approval by an approver. 

New Tools

OU Campus offers a variety of new tools including image cropping and resizing.


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