Innovation Hub (iHub)

The Innovation Hub (iHub) is an inclusive, interdisciplinary collaborative workspace initiative at Southeastern Louisiana University that empowers students, faculty, businesses, and alumni to innovate, collaborate and educate.  Located in the epicenter of the university, the iHub occupies 5,700 square feet on the second floor of the Sims Memorial Library and serves as a hub of resources for students, faculty, alumni, and community-based partnerships.  As a highly flexible, energetic, and technologically advanced space, the iHub is designed to animate ideas, facilitate collaboration, and support both individual and team projects.  It is designed to facilitate “conversation, collaboration, and serendipity.”  The furnishings, technologies, and programming are designed to support a vast array of end-user objectives promoting understanding of their role in an interdependent world, prioritizing critical and creative thinking to solve problems that are complex and non-stard.

Upcoming Events

Mane Mic Workshop
Lion Productions Workshop
Printing With The Pride Workshop


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