Eligibility Rules for District Rally

Eligibility Rules for District Rally


District Literary Rally 2016


Eligibility for all District Literary Events is limited to students enrolled in a LHSRA & SLDLRA member school and certified by the Director of the Southeast Louisiana District Literary Rally Association as a Bona Fide Qualifier.


Please note:  All schools who follow a block schedule should see "LHSRA Eligibility Rules for Block Schedule Schools" regarding specific requirements for students who attend these schools.


Students must:

1. Test in no more than one District Literary Rally Event unless the second event is the Art 



2. Students must be currently enrolled - or have been enrolled - in a course during the 

    current school year to be eligible to participate in District Rally competition.


Schools offering courses on alternating yearly or semester basis may enter students who have completed Carnegie credits in those courses.


3. Students repeating a course for a higher grade may not participate. However, students 

    repeating a course due to failure are eligible to participate.


4. Students must be taking a Carnegie unit in the school in which they are enrolled.  Thus if 

    a seventh or eighth grade student is taking a course which will earn a Carnegie Unit that

    will appear on the student's high school transcript, then the student is eligible to 

    participate in the literary event for this course.


5. Students must meet the requirements for the Carnegie Unit in the setting of the LHSRA

    active member school (students enrolled in a correspondence and/or dual enrollment

    course may participate).


6.Students may not be "native"or "primary" speakers of a foreign language if they wish to

   compete in a foreign language event.  Students whose main language at home is other 

   than English are considered to be native speakers of that particular language, and 

   schools must certify that students are non-native speakers of the target language.


7. Students must not represent their school more than once in the same event.

          Exception: Spelling.


8. Students should not seek advantage by competing in events for which advanced credit has

    been earned or having been earned for courses in advanced standing. (e.g. competing in

    Physical Science after completing a course in Chemistry)