Open Events District Only

Open Events District Only


District Literary Rally 2016


Spelling: Students from any grade level may compete and they need not be enrolled in any particular course. No more than two students from a school may complete, but Spelling contestants may not compete in any other event except the Art Exhibit. Winners will be recognized with district honors only and will not go on to a state competition. The test will be multiple choice, objective-type test in which students will select a word from a group that is spelled correctly or may decide that all of the words in the group (of four to five words) are misspelled. Answer choice(s) will be recorded on a separate answer sheet.


Art: See guidelines below



1. Each school will be limited to two entries per category.

2. The student need not be enrolled in an art class at their high school.

3. All two-dimensional artwork must be ready to hang, i.e. wire or saw-tooth hangers. Any matted works without frames or glass will be push pinned.

4. The artwork must be labeled with the student's name, grade, and school.

5. The event will be added to the usual entry form so that arrangements can be made for the necessary space involved.

6. A student who exhibits in the art contest may also enter one of the other academic testing areas.

7. Judges will be provided by Southeastern Louisiana University's Visual Arts Department.

8. Art entries must be classified into one of four categories:


     I. Three Dimensional
    II. Two Dimensional/Oil, Acrylic or Water Medium
   III. Two Dimensional Color - Drawing, Print-Making, Photography, Digital Art
   IV. Two Dimensional Black & White - Drawing, Print-Making, Photography, Digital Art


NOTE:  It is the high school Rally Coordinator's responsibility to ensure that all art pieces are registered under the appropriate category.  Changes will not be made after that year's posted registration deadline.  All pieces will be displayed and judged on the day of Rally in the category in which they were registered by the deadline.


9. Medals and certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category.  At the discretion of the judge, up to three honorable mentions may also be awarded per category.

10. The student need not be present to have his work displayed and judged.

11. This is not a state rally qualifying event, therefore winners of this event will not compete at state rally.

12.  Participants who submit artwork will be given a card with the participant's name, school, division, and category.  This card will be needed to retrieve the artwork once judging is complete.  Individuals will not be allowed to retrieve art without the identifying card.

13. The Southeast District Literary Rally and Southeastern Louisiana University are not responsible for lost or stolen art.

14. The student or designee submitting art should stay in the main area throughout the duration of the art exhibit.

15.  Art left after 12:00 p.m. on the day of District Rally must be picked up at the Office of Admissions the following week.


Note: The Art Exhibit will be located in the the Student Union Ballroom. Exact details regarding when and where the artwork is to be delivered will be provided in a separate letter.