Face Mask/Coverings Policy


 Effective date: July 1, 2020

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Policy Statement

The University reserves the right to require that face coverings or masks be worn on campus when required or recommended by public health officials or government leaders of relevant jurisdiction, or when the University Administration deems it necessary and appropriate in response to a communicable disease or other emergency. 



This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, vendors, contractors, visitors, and patrons. 


Policy Procedure

When in force, this policy requires all individuals associated with the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University, including all off-site locations, to wear face coverings or masks. 


Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Occupancy of private vehicles
  • Sole occupancy of University vehicles, including non-licensed University vehicles and boats
  • Sole occupancy of offices or other isolated workspaces or living spaces
  • Medical conditions that preclude wearing of face coverings as documented with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Student Accessibility Services or ADA Officer as appropriate
  • Outdoor activities involving 10 or fewer individuals who maintain a minimum separation of at least six feet – other specific provisions for organized outdoor activities may be determined based on prevailing requirements or recommendations of public health officials or government leaders of relevant jurisdiction at the time.
  • When eating in an area designated for such and maintaining a minimum separation of at least six feet
  • Other circumstances as approved in writing by the Director of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and the relevant division head

For purposes of this policy, acceptable face coverings include disposable or cloth face masks that cover the mouth and nose as well as face shields that cover the eyes, nose and mouth and extend below the chin.  Other specific devices, such as N95 respirators, may be applicable in certain healthcare or laboratory settings, and in those cases, individuals utilizing such devices will be considered in compliance with this policy.  


As with all University policies, failure by employees to comply may be considered insubordination, which may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  Students found to be in violation of this policy will be afforded due process as prescribed in the University Code of Student Conduct.  Failure to comply by vendors, contractors, visitors, or patrons may result in loss of campus access and potential termination of the contractual or other relationship with the University.


The specific provisions and applications of this policy may be modified by the administration as necessary based on circumstances at the time of enforcement, including guidance of public health officials or mandate of elected leaders of relevant jurisdiction.