Teacher in Classroom

Student success includes gaining hands-on, real-world-ready instruction and networking
opportunities with prospective employers.

About WTI

The mission of the Workforce Talent Initiative is:

  1. To serve as a resource to support student engagement and academic success for computing
    and information technology majors.
  2. Outreach to non-technology majors across the university to offer academic and applied
    learning opportunities in diverse areas of technology.
  3. To serve as a workforce partner for state, regional and national technology sectors
    through developing cooperative relationships and identifying career opportunities
    for graduates.


Southeastern’s graduates complete their studies academically and intellectually prepared
to be successful in their chosen careers, as well as fortified with essential, practical
skill sets needed to be competitive in the employment marketplace.

Students achieve this level of preparation through guidance from a caring and knowledgeable
multi-disciplinary team. Faculty, administrators, academic advisors and student-success
specialists work with each student from the time of entering Southeastern right through
to completion of their chosen course of study.