Honors Program

Departmental honors courses are open to outstanding junior and senior students in their majors.

The Honors Program at Southeastern Louisiana University is designed to provide participants with an excellent educational opportunity to learn about not only their chosen major, but also to learn the nature of intellectual inquiry and to study the important issues of our time and of all time. Honors students benefit from interaction with a community of peer scholars who are equally interested in achieving the most in their college careers. Additionally, under the direction and mentoring of a faculty member, Honors students culminate their college career with a significant research experience or artistic endeavor during their senior year.

For more information, please contact the Honors Program:

Honors Program
Student Union, Suite 1303

303 Union Ave.
SLU 12861
Hammond, LA 70402
Southeastern Louisiana University

Tel: 985-549-2135
Fax: 985-549-3478


Dr. Claire Procopio
[email protected]