Nathan Baer

Nate Baer

Office: KHS 168
Phone: 985-549-3203

Courses Taught:
KIN 334: Social Aspects of Sport
KIN 451: Sport Administration
KIN 693: Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity
KIN 698: Sports Administration

Journal Publications:
Zvosec, C. C., Baer, N, Kim, M., & Oja, B.D. (2023). Human Capital Generative
Potential: Cultivating Intrapreneurial Employees in Sport and Recreation
Organizations. Managing Sport and Leisure, 1-16.
Zvosec, C.C., Baer, N., Hughes, M., Oja, B.D., Kim, M., Dahlin, S., & Howell, S.
(2023). The Career Transitions of High-Profile Student-Athletes: Identity, Role
Engulfment, and Psychological Well-Being. Journal of Athlete Development and
Experience, 5(1), 62-75.
Baer, N., Zvosec, C. C., Oja, B. D., & Kim, M. (2021). A New Pitch: Building an
Innovative Sport Organization through Sport Employees. Case Studies in Sport
Management 10(S1), S30-S35.

Scholarly Presentations:
Zvosec, C.C. & Baer, N. (2023). Exploring a Subjectivist Perspective of Meaningful
Work for Sport Employees. Presented at The International Association for the
Philosophy of Sport Conference in Split, Croatia.
Baer, N. & Zvosec, C. C. (2023). Understanding Meaning: An Exploration of College
Sport Employees’ Definitions of Meaningful Work. Presented at the College
Sport Research Institute Conference in Columbia, SC.
Baer, N. & Zvosec, C. C. (2023). Does my Work Matter? An Exploration of the
Antecedents and Outcomes of Meaningful Work in Sport Employees. Presented at
the Applied Sport Management Association Conference in Birmingham, AL.
Baer, N., Schuetz, L., Zvosec, C. C., & Oja, B. D. (2022). What can we Learn? An
Exploration of Former Sport Employees' Well-being and Sense of Meaningful
Work. Presented at the Applied Sport Management Association Conference in
Indianapolis, IN.
Oja, B. D., Kim, M., & Baer, N. (2021). From the Ground Up: A Model for Improving
Sport Organizational Performance through Employee Growth. Presented at the
virtual North American Society for Sport Management Conference.