Ecstatic Objects

January 20 - February 22

The exhibition “Ecstatic Objects” brings together the work of three contemporary artists working in sculpture. The artists Jessica Vogel Brown, Blas Isasi and Brittan Rosendahl share a love for transforming every day, often mundane or discarded objects into works of art that transcend their original function.  Blas Isasi Gutiérrez and Jessica Vogel Brown use common construction materials like drywall, plaster, pinewood, and house paint to create dynamic, and unexpected compositions. Brittan Rosendahl sources found print objects such as encyclopedic imagery and pages from telephone books that converge into map-like constellations. With a process oriented approach, these three artists challenge our expectations about objecthood—shifting the soft into the sturdy, the inanimate into the animate, and the ordinary into the exalted.