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Audix Quick Reference Sheet

Audix Quick Reference Sheet




FunctionKeypad Action

Record and Send Messages
(record, edit, address, deliver) Press 1

Get and Respond to Messages
(retrieve, sort/save, respond)Press 2

Create Personal Greetings
(record, edit, activate)Press 3

Check Outgoing Messages
(retrieve, sort/save, review/modify, resend) Press 4

Change Password/Create Lists/Personal Directories
(create, review/modify, scan) Press 5

Scan Messages Quickly
(and/or headers) Press 7


Function Keypad Action

Help*4 or *H
Restart at Activity Menu *7 or *R
Wait *9 or *W
Transfer to an extension *8 or *T
Look up name/extension**6 or **N
Exit system**9 or **X
Transfer call to operator 0
Delete *3 or *D
Undelete (may not be available with your system) **8 or **U
Hold message in category **4 or **H
Relog in **7 or **R
Skip call answer greetings 1



Rewind Press 2
Play/PausePress 3
LouderPress 4
Back UpPress 5
AdvancePress 6
SofterPress 7
SlowerPress 8
FasterPress 9
Listen/ReplayPress 0
SkipPress #