Message from the Provost


It's never dull, is it?

Last week's weather certainly created an interesting start to the spring semester! But that's just one of the things I love about the university environment -- every day brings something new and unexpected.
Due to the timing of the weather closures and the fact that we have such dedicated faculty and staff who do whatever it takes to help our students, we were able to minimize changes to the Spring calendar.  The revised calendar (link below) reflects changes to the first day of class (now January 19), drop/add period (now January 19-23) and fee payment deadline (now January 24).  The only other change to the calendar applies to Term I classes.  The Term I Classes End date has been changed from March 7 to March 8 and the Term I Classes: Final Examinations; T-TH schedule date has been changed from March 8 to March 13. By using the 'dead' day between Term I and Term II as part of the Term I session we were able to recapture one of the two classes missed due to the weather closure resulting in one missed day for ALL classes.
In working with the academic deans it was decided that individual faculty could accommodate the one lost class day for full semester courses and the remaining lost day for Term I courses.  As classes had not yet started, many faculty have already made adjustments to their semester schedule.  For those who have not, faculty should use Moodle activities/assignments or a method consistent with their course format and teaching style to ensure the student learning outcomes for each class can be met.
Thank you for your creativity and flexibility in recalculating the path that will lead our students to the desired destination -- a successful semester!
My best,