Department Lockups

The Office of University Marketing and Communications provides colleges and departments with the appropriate type treatment (wordmark identifier) of their name that complements the Southeastern logo. 

It is important that all university identifiers are consistent and reflect the overall university brand standards. As a part of the university, all colleges and departments should have the university logo/wordmark within their official wordmark identifier.  The university name should be the primary component of the wordmark identifier. This contributes to the overall university identity and builds consistency across all communications. Branding is a collective effort that encompasses all the departments, colleges, units - all the parts - that together make up our Southeastern.

The University has two official deparTmental identifiers, one for a horizontal orientation and one for a more vertical orientation.  The horizontal version should be used as the preferred version where possible.  These identifiers are to be used in place of any past created versions that do not reflect this graphical design.  As noted, these will be created by the Office of University Marketing and Communications for each department, college and office.



The primary wordmark should be the horizontal treatment you see in samples below.  This is the preferred method.  Each department will have a wordmark created by Communications & Creative Services.  Please do not try to replicate without the help of CCS.






In those circumstances where the primary wordmark will not graphically work or fit, a vertical treatment has been created as well.  See samples below.