Southeastern Computer Science Department to present Industry Connect Lecture


Thursday, November 2, 2023
by: Tonya LowentrittDustin Hughes

     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Computer Science continues the fall Industry Connect Distinguished Lectures Nov. 16, at 4 p.m. Scheduled in the Envoc Innovation Lab, located in room 2026 in the Computer Science and Technology Building, the free lecture is titled “AI from LLMs to Agents: A Journey through the LangChain Ecosystem.” POOLCORP Technical Director or Research and Development Dustin Hughes will serve as guest speaker.
     Hughes has led breakthrough projects like LangBridge and AquaGenius. Prior to his current position with POOLCORP, he served as the technical director of software architecture and revamped the company’s web and mobile platforms and conceived the first ever mobile point-of-sale solution. He also served as the senior software architect, creating a business to business sales portal mobile app that brought considerable annual revenue.
     Hughes will explore the LangChain ecosystem and learn how it simplifies the process of building complex language models that make decisions and take actions based on user input. 
     “We’ll discuss how LangChain’s interface for LLMs and chains provides a foundation for building,” he said. “Couple that with constantly challenging yourself and being intentional with your time, and you realize that being successful may be easier than you think. In this talk, I will share my journey to accomplishing my goals and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Join me to see how I went from academic probation to Microsoft.”  
     Guests are welcome to join in person at the Computer Science and Technology Building and virtually via Google Meet. To be added to the RSVP list and receive all event details, email
     For more information, contact the Department of Computer Science at 985-549-5740.

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