Scholastic Ratings

Students are graded on the following basis:

A – work of the highest degree of excellence
B – good work
C – average work
D – work that meets only the minimum requirements for passing
F – failing work
P – passing (certain courses only) will not carry quality points, will not be computed in the student's average, and will not at any time for any purpose be translated into grade A, B, C, or D
I – For undergraduate courses the grade of I means "incomplete" and is given when the student's work to date in the course is of passing quality and the student has completed substantially all of the course requirements, but, due to circumstances beyond the student's control, an exam or other course requirement is missing. I grades should not be assigned unless the faculty member has knowledge of the exact circumstances ( e.g., prolonged illness, accident, etc.) and believes the student can make up the work in the required time frame. The deficiency must be met by the last day of late registration of the next regular semester or summer term unless extended by the student's academic dean. I grades are removed only by completion of the course work, not by repeating the course. I grades are computed as F grades until changed to a final grade. I grades that are not resolved by the deadline and have not been extended by the dean will be changed to a grade of F (or U if appropriate) at the conclusion of final registration. The extension of I grades may be for a maximum of 12 months. After an extension of 12 months following the time it was assigned, the I grade will be changed to an F (or U if appropriate).
AU – Courses for audit count in total hours taken to determine fees to be paid, but do not count as enrolled hours in determining enrollment status or eligibility for financial aid or scholarships.
NC – No Credit. Given when a student enrolls in a course for which he/she is ineligible to receive credit.
WA, WB, WC, WD, WF – Although no longer used at Southeastern, grades of WA, WB, WC, WD and WF earned in the Spring of 1990 or earlier at Southeastern, or earned anytime at another college/university, are converted to the current grading system as follows: WA, WB, WC and WD are converted to W, WF is converted to F.

Students who earn credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), advanced placement (AP), departmental examinations (DCE), or the CEEB Advanced Placement Program will receive a grade of P. This grade will not be computed in the student's average, will not carry quality points, and cannot be translated into grade A, B, C, or D.


Maximum and Minimum Credit Hours

Full-time students may register for a maximum of nineteen hours during a regular semester. If a student has an average of 3.0 on a full-time load for the previous regular semester, the student may appeal to his/her academic dean to request an exception to the policy. A 3.0 grade point average made during a summer term will not be considered in interpreting this regulation. During the summer term the maximum number of hours for which a student may register is ten. A summer student may also appeal to his/her academic dean for an exception to this policy.

Students who hold scholarships must comply with the regulations in regard to scholastic requirements as stated in the Scholarships section of this catalog.

Students who are doing student teaching are not to register for more than fifteen semester hours during that semester.



Final examinations are held at the end of each semester, summer session, and short term. No students (seniors or others) are exempt from final examinations.


Quality Points and Grade Point Average

The quality of work is indicated by quality points. Students passing a course with a grade of A will receive four quality points for each semester hour credit to which the course entitles them; with a grade of B, three quality points for each semester hour credit; with a grade of C, two quality points for each semester hour credit; with a grade of D, one quality point for each semester hour credit; and an F carries no quality points. Grade I is counted as an F until resolved into a final grade.

The grade point average computed on all hours attempted is the Cumulative Grade Point Average. The Cumulative Grade Point Average is the only Grade Point Average that will appear on the academic transcript prior to graduation. The Degree Grade Point Average is calculated using the last grade earned for courses within a curriculum and is used to determine a student's eligibility for an undergraduate degree.

A ratio of 2.0 between quality points earned and semester hours attempted is interpreted as a 2.0 (C) grade point average. To be eligible for graduation, a student must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 (C) on all hours attempted, all required course work in the major field, and on all Southeastern hours attempted; or, a minimum Degree Grade Point Average of 2.0 (C) on all course work applicable to the student's curriculum; on all required course work in the major field; and on Southeastern course work applicable to the student's curriculum. Individual academic departments or colleges may set higher grade point average requirements for graduation and/or admission into specified programs. Policies regarding requirements in specific degree programs may be found in the appropriate academic section of this catalog.


Reports to Students

All students have access to their grades, unofficial transcripts, financial accounts, and other information at any time through Southeastern's web-based records and registration system, LEONet. Consequently, printed grade reports are not mailed to the students at the end of the semester. However, printed reports of grades are available upon request to students at the end of each semester and summer session, provided the student has cleared all of their accounts at the Controller's Office, the Bookstore, the Library, Campus Police and the Financial Aid Office.



Students who have attended Southeastern Louisiana University are entitled to an official transcript of the work they have completed, provided they have no "holds" on their records and have cleared any and all outstanding accounts with Southeastern. A written request must be filed with the Office of the Registrar for an official transcript. Students requesting same-day transcript service must pay an express fee of $5 to the Controllers' Office for up to three (3) copies. Request forms may be obtained in the Admissions Office or may be printed from Office of the Registrar website.