Christopher Beachy, Department Head


The Department of Biological Sciences offers a four-year curriculum in Biological Sciences with concentrations in Integrative Biology; Microbiology/Molecular Biology; Ecology, Environmental, and Evolutionary Biology; Biology Education; and Plant Science. Pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, veterinary medicines, optometry, and pharmacy are also offered.

Students in Medicine and Dentistry are urged to complete the requirements for the degree before entering a medical or dentistry school. Those who do not plan to obtain a degree before seeking admission to a School of Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy should confer with the Department Head or their advisors before scheduling their course work.


Major in Biological Sciences

Students wishing to major in Biological Sciences must complete 41 semester hours of biology. The required courses are listed within the various concentration options.


Selection and Retention Policies

Students who propose to major in the Biological Sciences must successfully complete GBIO 151 and 153, MATH 155 or 161 or 165 or 200, and CHEM 121, all with a grade of "C" or better. Exceptions can be made with the permission of the Department Head. In order to progress as a Major in the Department of Biological Sciences, students must receive a grade of "C" or better in all Biology courses and concentration electives. If the student receives a grade of less than "C" in any of these courses, the course may be repeated no more than twice. In addition, students majoring in the Biological Sciences must maintain an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better for all course work. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the student's no longer being eligible to register as a Major in Biological Sciences.

English 210H or 291H or 292H1 3 hours
History 101H, 102H3, 201H, or 202H4 3 hours
Communications 211H 3 hours
Honors 1912 3 hours
Senior Thesis 0 hours
GBIO 151H, 153H, 2005, 3125 9 hours
GBIO 4506 3 hours
Total 24 hours


1May be substituted for English 230, 231, or 232.
2Satisfies Art Elective or Art/Music/Theatre/Dance equipment.
3History 101H can be substituted for History 101 or 201.
4History 102H can be substituted for History 102 or 202.
(Honors 311, Honors 312, Honors 313, or Honors 314 can be substituted for similar major requirements with the approval of the Department Head.)
5These hours must be completed as an H-Option.
6The domain in which the student will complete the thesis project or internship will be determined during the student's enrollment in GBIO 4506.



Eighteen semester hours are required for a minor. These must include GBIO 151-BIOL 152, GBIO 153-BIOL 154, and MIC 205-207 or MIC 223-224 and six hours of 300/400 level biology courses. Students must receive a grade of "C" or better for all Biology courses to complete the Minor in Biology.



The curricula leading to the bachelor's degree provide a sufficient number of electives to permit a student to elect a minor in any one of several fields. Students should confer with their faculty advisors so that together they may consider courses that will benefit the student most in the specialized field.